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Hail to the Chief


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In a unanimous vote that came as no surprise to people who follow such things, the Fort Wayne City Council approved Marty Bender (R-at large) as council president for 2010.

Bender came close to being named city council president last year, but back then, several members had reservations about his day job — as you probably know, Bender serves as deputy police chief. But this time around, Bender’s experience on council seems to have trumped any concerns council members may have had regarding his status as a city employee.

This is Bender’s second term on council (non-consecutive) and his first stint as president. He first served back in 1995. He is generally known as a man of few words; presumably his vice president on city council, Mitch Harper (R-4), will pick up the slack in that area.

Allen County government

Residents of Allen County now have a new, convenient way to convey their opinions about County government to departments and elected officials.

The County’s website – www.allencounty.us – now provides a County Government Input Form. The form can be accessed by clicking on the link in the right-hand column of the website’s home page.

The form allows a person to send in ideas, complaints or feedback on any aspect of County government. Submissions will be forwarded to the appropriate department or elected official for consideration. You can request to be contacted by either phone or email.

“Our mission statement is to provide professional, responsive, efficient and cost-effective government to the people of Allen County,” said Commissioner Bill Brown in a statement. “In order to know how we are doing in accomplishing our mission, we need to hear from the public. We hope citizens will use this online form to provide their input.”

In other Allen County government news, citizens wishing to express their opinions might, in the future, have fewer commissioners to complain… err, talk to. Inspired by a 2007 report on slimming local government, Representative Phil GiaQuinta, (D-Fort Wayne), has drafted legislation that calls for a single county executive instead of the three commissioner system currently in place in Allen County. If the legislation goes through, the switch wouldn’t happen until 2015.

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