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Don’t ya wanna live with me?


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“The dream of a joint solution to City of Fort Wayne and Allen County space needs through co-location just died today,” said Mayor Henry in a statement on November 19, referring to the Allen County council vote to not pursue co-habitation of the building at 200 East Berry (Renaissance Square).

“I believed a joint solution was achievable and did everything in my power to realize that dream,” Mayor Henry continued. “The County Commissioners indicated the same. Allen County Council seemed to say that they thought the idea had merit, but in the end, they did not support it with the resources to make it happen. It was their decision and I respect that. Today the exploration of a City-County co-location approach ends.”

But not so fast! Less than a week later, Mayor Henry announced a task force of elected officials to “find a joint solution to the building and space needs of the City of Fort Wayne and Allen County.”

Consisting of three Allen County Council members (Paula Hughes, Roy Buskirk, and Paul Moss); three Fort Wayne City Council members (Tom Smith, Mitch Harper and Tim Pape); the three Allen County Commissioners (Nelson Peters, Bill Brown, and Linda Bloom); and Mayor Henry, the task force will be moderated by John Stafford, Director of the Community Research Institute at IPFW.

“I am pleased that City and County elected officials are coming together so quickly to act on our mutual goal of finding a community-based solution to our building and space needs,” said Mayor Henry said in a statement. “The City-County Building and 200 East Berry represent a unique opportunity for local government to better serve the public and make the best use of our resources. I am confident that with all decision-making bodies engaged, we can find an answer that will promote greater long-term cooperation and cost savings, benefiting all taxpayers and residents.”

The first meeting takes place on Friday, December 18, at 11 a.m. in the Omni Room of the City-County Building. All task force meetings will be open to the public.

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