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Hey you! Yeah, you! Listen to goodbyewave; you’ll like it

By Ben Larson

Fort Wayne Reader


John Hubner wants you to know that he is a Sagittarius. He enjoys Wes Anderson movies, architecture, and Hunter S. Thompson books. He is also the songwriter, guitarist, bassist, and pretty much everything guy for Warsaw’s goodbyewave, along with drummer Jack Long. The band’s discography to date consists of 2006’s Good Bye, So Long, Farewell, Goodnight; 2007’s Bright Lights, Strange Nights; 2008’s Memorial Day EP, and Interiors. They also have a stellar new album, released about 2 months ago, titled Sleight of Hand, which is available online or at any local Wooden Nickel.

Now, for this article, I decided just to put everything in John’s words, because, frankly, he can talk about his music a lot better than I can. So I’ll shut up now and . . .

John on who does what in the band: “Jack Long plays the drums and I handle everything else you hear. I write the songs, and then present them to Jack. Sometimes I will demo the whole song with drums, and sometimes I will just record the whole song to a click track and Jack will overdub the drums. What we did in the beginning was just get together in my studio and just hash out a song. I'd have a riff or a melody and we'd just work it out over the course of a couple hours. We are working back to that way, to have a more live feel to the songs. Lot of words for a simple question.”

John on describing goodbyewave’s sound: “ This is the hardest thing for me to answer because I have no idea. If I had to, I'd say it's modern rock. I don't think it sounds dated, yet there's definitely a classic vibe to how I try to throw a hook, or melody line in there that you remember. I like the words modern, alternative, and maybe even progressive at times. Though not in a Rush kind of way. Maybe a more Built to Spill kind of way.”

John on how he got started playing music, and his influences: “ I started music when I was 12. I took guitar lessons from Tim Bushong of T.Bush Record Plant fame till I was a senior. He told me he couldn't teach me anymore so he kicked me out of the nest and I was on my own.”

“My biggest influence to want to play music was my uncle. He had guitars, keyboards, multi-track recorders, all kinds of gadgets when I was a kid. So seeing him record songs at his house was a big influence on me. I would go over to his house on weekends as a teenager and experiment with tape speeds on his 4-track, record stuff backwards, see if I could freak him out. It was a blast. And it prepared me for when I bought my own 4-track. So thanks Mark!
“Early influences would have to be the Beatles. Hearing my mom and dad's vinyl copy of the White Album over and over made me want to make music like that. Then when I was 19 I bought a copy of the Kinks Village Green Preservation Society and that changed the way I looked at music. I thought it was criminal that the Kinks weren't more popular than the Beatles. I've since changed my tune, but it affected me that much. Costello, XTC, John Lennon, late 80's Adrian Belew, those were the stepping stones. More recent artists would be Wilco, Flaming Lips, Spoon. Wilco has had a huge impact on my in the last 12 years. They have been a constant.”

John on why you never see goodbyewave on a stage: “We currently don't play live. Being just 2 of us, it would be hard to do the recordings justice. We were rehearsing with a bass player and had about 12 songs down, then the bass player moved to Minneapolis for a Graphics Design job. So now we're back to square one. It still may happen. We want to.”

John on why he does goodbyewave, and the future for the band: “ I'm looking to have the music heard. Through whatever means necessary. If it was just me doing this by myself, I'd still have a library of my music. It's something I have to do. It's therapy. I wanted to be a writer, but I have no patience. So writing songs is the way I get these stories and ideas out. Each song is like a different chapter I guess. That sounds pretentious. Oh well. It's my outlet. I have to do it. Period. We plan on starting up writing for another album. Since we're not out playing, we just keep recording until the playing out gig happens.”

Any side projects, John?: “ I have been writing and recording on my own in between goodbyewave stuff. I plan on putting it out just for the hell of it. They're a little more singer-songwriter-esque. They're songs that I've had around for awhile that I wanted to record and get out of my system. I don't consider them goodbyewave songs. They're J. Hubner songs. I've got 5 songs done now. I'm hoping to have the project out for people to hear sometime around Christmas.”

John on the band’s artwork (which is as awesome as the music): “ All of our artwork is done by one of my best friends, Jason Stephenson. We've know each other since our freshman year of high school. He is truly one of the most talented artists I know. He needs to be doing it for a living. Unfortunately, like most great artists, that's never the case. But we're working on it. One album cover at a time.”

John on John: “My name is J. Hubner. I play in goodbyewave with Jack Long. And I'm a songwriter.”

Don’t forget to email me at ben.larson.musicscene@gmail.com if you are in a band, or know of one you think should get some press.

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