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As incredible as it might seem, failed mayoral candidate and admitted felon Matt Kelty is back in the news. Kelty and his supporters are reportedly trying to influence another election: the March 7th election of the chair of the Allen County Republican Party. The campaign, which seeks to oust longtime GOP head Steve Shine, is being fueled by phone calls and e-mails.

E-mails? Yes, e-mails. That’s ironic since it was the electronic breadcrumbs of e-mail messages that unraveled Kelty’s defense against charges that he lied about the source of major financial contributions to his 2006 mayoral bid. For months leading up to that election, Kelty steadfastly denied misleading members of his own party about the money trail. After being charged, Kelty and his followers claimed he was the target of a political smear campaign involving rival Republicans and the media. Steve Shine was a favorite target of the Kelty faithful.

But at the 11th hour, Kelty delivered a kontrite konfession. He pleaded guilty to filing fraudulent campaign documents, and false informing.
What triggered Kelty’s konversion? Koncern for his family? His konscience? Apparently, it was none of the above.

Instead, a series of damning e-mails among Kelty supporters strongly suggested that Kelty did indeed know what he had claimed he didn’t know about from where some of his campaign dollars and in-kind contributions originated. With that, Kelty kaved.

One might expect think this fiasco would konvince the Kelty kamp to fade into the background. Not so. Kelty and his backers are pleading with GOP precinct committeemen to dump Steve Shine next month in favor of a new party chair.

“Remember, all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing,” the anti-Shine solitication reads.

Who do the Kelty folks support? Fort Wayne City Councilman Mitch Harper (R-4), who, by the way, has indicated no interest in the job. Plus, the oust-Shine campaign has almost no prayer of success.

But Kelty did win the GOP primary...

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