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Meet the new boss…


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When Mayor-elect Tom Henry announced his first round of appointments, it looked more like a run-of-the-mill Richard Administration staff meeting than a major news announcement.
Of the six appointees to Henry’s cabinet, all six are holdovers from the previous administration: Police Chief Rusty York; City Controller Pat Roller; Community Develoment director John Urbahns; Deputy Mayor Mark Becker; Fire Chief Pete Kelly; and City Attorney Carol Taylor. Both Kelly and Taylor had been serving in interim roles in the Richard Administration following the retirement of previous Fire Chief Tim Davie and the resignation of previous City Attorney Tim Manges.
While each of the appointees were reportedly required to re-apply for their positions, members of Henry’s transition team say the incumbent staffers were simply the best qualified applicants.
The Mayor-elect plans to announce other major appointments, including HR director, chief technology officer, and director of City Utilities/Public Works before his swearing-in on January 1st.

The December 18th meeting of the Fort Wayne City Council included emotional farewells for four councilmembers. The meeting was the last for Sam Talarico, Jr. (R-At Large), John Crawford (R-At Large), Tom Hayhurst (D-4th) and Don Schmidt (R-2nd). Talarico and Hayhurst chose not to seek re-election, while Crawford and Schmidt were defeated in November.
Perhaps the most fond remarks were reserved for Schmidt, who leaves council after more than 36-years.
New councilmembers to be sworn-in in January include Karen Goldner (D-2nd), Mitch Harper (R-4th), Liz Brown (R-At Large) and Marty Bender (R-At Large).

As he previously hinted he might, Allen County Democratic Party Chair Kevin Knuth is stepping down. So is party Vice-Chair Brenda Tremoulet. The party will hold a caucus on January 12, 2008 to choose replacements.
Here’s how Knuth summed it up on his blog (allencountydemocrats.typepad.com):
“Though I considered throughout the summer that I would step down at the end of the year, I also thought that MAYBE I would feel different after the election. I recall that the day after the 2006 election (when we took 6 seats away from the Republicans here in Allen County) I woke up and thought, ‘that was fun, I cannot wait to do it again!’”
“On November 7th this year, I woke up and thought ‘that was fun, I am glad I am done.’”
Knuth then thanked his supporters.

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