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Hot Cat In A Dog's World

By Jim Fester

Fort Wayne Reader


Local musician and business owner Dave Nelson called on a wide array of Fort Wayne-area bands and artists to lend their talents to Hot Cat In A Dog’s World . The proceeds from this CD go to help cover behavioral and biomedical expenses for Julian Nelson, Dave’s son who has autism. But anyone who picks up the CD will be doing more than just helping out with a good cause; they’ll be picking up an album packed full of fantastic songs. The 22 tracks here cover nearly every style of popular music you can think of, from Mooncrickets’ rocker “Markerstone” to Dana Christy’s contemporary country-flavored “Wait A Minute” to Heavy Steps’ ska-influenced “Slow Down.” In between you get folk, jazz, R&B, indie-pop… the range is incredible, but more importantly, it’s all good. Most major-label compilation albums with six-number budgets and international release dates don’t come close to having the consistent quality you’ll find on Hot Cat In A Dog’s World. Picking out the best songs on here… well, that’s a matter of taste. I can tell you my favorites. Right now, I’m leaning towards Einstein Savage’s “Nevermore” (which reminds me of “Incense & Peppermints” by the Strawberry Alarm Clock); Colleen McNabb’s take on “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”; Milenia’s “Come Too Far” (an upbeat R&B tune); the jazz/funk of Thylacine’s “Don’t Mean A Thing”; and Vade’s indie-pop anthem “Madman & Kings.” But lately David Todoran’s “Glorious” has been on the receiving end of the “repeat” button, and I’ll find myself playing air drums to The Blue Moon Boys’ “Let Me In.” Whatever styles of music you like, you’ll find a favorite, probably several, on A Hot Cat In A Dog’s World. It’s not just a great cause, it’s not just a great display of some of the musical talent in the area, it’s just a plain great album.

Hot Cat In A Dog’s World is available at Higher Grounds, Fort Wayne Art Museum, Mad Anthony Brewing Company, the Heart Center Medical Group, Java Bean, and other local outlets. You can order it on-line at www.songbirdpromotions.com or at CD Baby (cdbaby.com), or by email at julian@pchelpservice.com, or by calling 446 4000.

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