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Republican Matt Kelty wants to be the education mayor. During a recent news conference, Kelty promised to create a partnership between the Mayor’s Office and Fort Wayne Community Schools declaring that the mayor must take a “hands-on approach to public education and the difficulties faced by the city’s urban schools.”

Kelty’s ideas include creating a volunteer position of “education advocate” to coordinate volunteer help within the school district and act as a liason between the mayor and the school board. He also vows to help promote programs like Project READS, Study Connection and the Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Lunch Buddy Program.

Curiously, Kelty’s proposal included none of the other three public school districts (EACS, SWAC or NWAC) nor the parochial schools. Additionally, Kelty acknowledges that the FWCS Board of Trustees would be under no obligation to adopt any of his ideas. “These are my proposals, but I am not the education expert,” Kelty admitted.

Kelty’s outreach to FWCS follows his refusal to weigh in on the district’s $500-million renovation plan earlier this summer. When asked whether he supported the district’s request for funding for much-needed repairs, the local architect waffled by declining to declare a position on the controversial issue. Current Mayor Graham Richard supported the Yellow Petition drive recommending public support for the repairs.

Gov. Mitch Daniels’ blue-ribbon commission examining local government effectiveness wants to know what you think about local government and how well it operates.
The Indiana Commission on Local Government Reform is holding a series of forums around the state this month. You’re are invited to participate in the forum being held at the Allen County Public Library downtown on Tuesday, October 9 from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. in Meeting Rooms A, B, and C. Free parking will be available.
Gov. Daniels appointed the Indiana Commission on Local Government Reform in July, charging the panel with developing recommendations to reform and restructure local government in Indiana. The Commission is charged with finding ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of local government operations and, as a result, reduce the cost of local government to Hoosier taxpayers.
Forum volunteers will participate in moderated, small-group discussions about local government services and responsibilities, key issues they see affecting local government effectiveness and reforms they believe would improve the delivery of necessary government services.
If you’re interested in participating in the forum should call 317-261-3025 or send an e-mail to lgreform@iu.edu. Information is also available at indianalocalgovreform.iu.edu

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