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Who needs sleep?

As I write this, Iíve been up for 33 hours straight. The sad thing is, Iím just a little bit sleepy. Iím waiting for the Unisom to do its magic Read more...

Columnist sick of pseudo-porn in entertainment

Can I be honest? Iím sick of sex. Or maybe, Iím sick about the sexualization of everything. Read more...

Canadian nutjobs captivate columnist

Iím in grad school for a few reasons, and trying to adjust to being in school again. However, as much as Iíd like to moan about the WTF moments Iíve had sitting in class, Iíd rather talk about the fact that I get a chance to write an ďengaged research paperĒ about one of my favorite crime cases from the last 25 years. Read more...

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