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Man, Marginalized

Artlink’s “Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals, 1933-1945” exhibit

Fort Wayne's rich and complex arts and cultural landscape includes numerous performance spaces, galleries, and historical museums, yet a text-laden, highly didactic exhibition is not something that Fort Wayne's viewing audience is usually attracted to… Read more...

“Hold on hope”

Fort Wayne Celebrates The Music Of Guided By Voices

So way back at the beginning of September Fort Wayne was all buzzing about the then just-released news that Guided By Voices was going to be donning the stage at C2G Music Hall. Read more...

The Kids Are All Right: Spirits and the Melchizedek Children

There's a great, cavernous sound coming from down south. It's based in Atlanta, GA, but bellows to the far reaches of the universe. Simple, acoustic songs that swell into mammoth psychedelic swirls that will consume you if you open your minds and hearts to the concept. Read more...

Graffiti Walls and Gateways:

Every city in America uses its arts and culture in one way or another. The most successful cities incorporate these natural human functions into their planning and design, making them inherent aspects of the cities identity and propel a brand of a globally competitive space where ideas and knowledge are accepted and celebrated… Read more...

What is a Grey Gordon?

I was sitting in my office beginning to write this story when I suddenly flashed back to being a little kid and I was at my grandma and grandpa Poorman's house in Amish country… Read more...

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