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Chemical Elements

March On, Comrade Ready New Album Our Peaceful Atoms

March On, Comrade are a hell of a band. They've been a band since 2015 when indie pop band Ordinary Van disbanded, but a few of the members decided to keep things going… Read more...

Truths universally acknowledged…

IPFW brings beloved Pride & Prejudice to the stage

A music journalist I once read had a theory about hugely influential and popular rock bands — the legions of imitators they inspired often took the wrong lessons from their heroes… Read more...

The saga of the Santa

We haven’t always treated the downtown holiday icon with such reverence…

The calendar says the first day of winter is December 21, but we all know the holiday season starts way before that. Read more...

Trophy Club's Sports Cars

Album review

Fort Wayne has its fair share of "hardest working folks in showbiz" types. The music scene is less individual bands keeping to themselves than a bunch of bands that are made up of people in other bands. Read more...

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