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Bible Belt Devil Music

MOBILE HOME Hit The Brass Rail March 3rd

Don't let that title fool you. There will be no virgin sacrifices or blood lettings happening on March 3rd at the Brass Rail (though after 3am all bets are off.) What will be happening is some punked-up rockabilly ala X, the Replacements, Blondie, and The Stooges. Read more...

Beale Street Blues

Civic's Memphis jumps into the early days of rock n’ roll

In the opening scene of Memphis, a raucous late-night party at the music club Delray’s comes to a screeching halt when Huey Calhoun, a white guy, wanders in. Read more...

In the 60s, Indiana garages weren’t just for tractors…

Website chronicles local and regional bands from back in the day

In December of 2012, Frank Gray’s column in The Journal Gazette talked about a 60’s band from Fort Wayne called The Olivers, who recorded an album in 1969, only to have their record company deal fall through and the recording seemingly lost to time. It was our kind of story, and we shake our pasty fist at Gray for beating us to it. Read more...

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