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The Vagina Monologues returns to the local stage

Controversial play to benefit the Center for Nonviolence

Vagina. In recent years, the word has been “Oprahfied” to Vajayjay, a term I find way too coy, and just outright annoying. Read more...

A buzz in the air

Remote control enthusiasts find their hobby under new scrutiny

You've probably read or heard of them in the news a lot over the last few years — unmanned craft flying through the air by way of remote control. Every now and again you'll hear about one crashing Read more...

No nostalgia trip

IPFW Department of Theatre presents Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean takes place in a dusty five-and-dime store in the very small West Texas town of McCarthy, Texas… Read more...

"Well Managed Chaos"

Met The Snarks

It feels that there's a new wave of music rolling into the Fort. It's a mix of post-punk jangle, straight-up southern California punk, garage pop, and riot grrrl punch...and that's just one band. Read more...

The Formalists: Suzanne Galazka and Jay Bastian

In a world of easy, cheap, digital photographic reproduction, one may wonder why the arts have continued to grow in popularity and retain their markets. With thanks to all of the technicians more advanced in age, skill and experience only gain value in the creative economy. Read more...


Cabaret at the Fort Wayne Civic

Cabaret seems to hold a special place in the pantheon of well-known and popular musicals. while musical theater has its share of tragedies and dramas and “serious moments,” its difficult to think of a musical where the context of the story packs as much of an emotional punch as Cabaret. Read more...

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