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Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride

Upcoming Shows To Get Excited About

I used to pride myself on my hermit-like behavior. Invitations to go out and see this band or that show were waved off with a forceful "Nah. I'm good…" Read more...

Major collection of Indiana art comes to FWMoA August 27

The largest collection of Indiana art will be exhibited outside Lafayette for the first time

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art is proud to partner with the Haan Mansion of Lafayette to present a selection of works from the largest, most complete collection of important Indiana art in the state. Read more...

A community on display

Artlink’s Members Show

Artlink’s Annual Members Show is now in full swing, with hundreds of pieces highlighting the talent, dedication, and exploration of the arts being created in Northeast Indiana. More than ever, this exhibition brings together our diverse community of artists and can be seen as a dense interconnected web of relationships as much as a fine art exhibition. Read more...

Trash Talk

The Strange World Of Microwave Miracles

I don't know what I think about Microwave Miracles' music. As guys to sit down and have a been with they seem like pretty good dudes. Affable and well spoken, with a decent sense of humor. But I'm a simple guy. It's hard for me to process humor in music. When the joke is delivered with such a straight face I'm not sure if I'm supposed to laugh or not. Read more...

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