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Artist at work

Film maker Max Meyer chronicles artist Donald Martiny at One World Trade Center

This past Fall, Max Meyer spent time in between his obligations as the Director of Children’s Education at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art driving 10 hours to an aunt and uncle’s house in Bayside, Queens. From there, he’d take a half-hour train ride into Penn Station, then spend another 20 minutes or so on the subway, all with around 150 lbs of film equipment in tow. Read more...

Familiar Faces, New Sounds

A Conversation With Void Reunion

Rock and roll. It's something that when you fall for it, you fall hard. You know the words to your favorite songs. Hell, you know the words to your favorite albums. The lyrics speak to you. The music gets you through good and bad times. It's a life preserver for disenfranchised youth. Read more...

Running: thoughts from a late bloomer

In which our music guy talks about something other than music

Running is starting to become easier for me. Maybe it's that I'm getting healthier as I get older. Or maybe it's that I'm scared. Read more...

“You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!”

Civic alum Doug King guest Directs Civic Theatre’s A Christmas Story: the Musical

During the holiday season, Ralphie, Farkus and the Old Man have become almost as iconic as candy canes, Christmas trees, and shopping mall Santas. Read more...

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