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Album Review : Lexi Pifer's Feeding a Wolf

Lexi Pifer may have left the Fort for entertaining on cruise ships on the open seas, adventuring on bright windswept shores, and taking song requests on Facebook Live feeds from parts unknown… Read more...

FWMoA recognizes scholastic art and writing award winners

Regional artists and writers competed against 4,300 submissions

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art announced the regional recipients for the 2018 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. The winners include 753 students from middle and high schools in northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. Read more...

Pique Magazine

New semi-annual publication covers “local art + global reach”

Pique: Fort Wayne Art & Culture , is Fort Wayne’s new magazine and blog featuring all things arts and culture-related in the area. They tote a “local art + global reach” with their publications. This isn’t your floppy monthly throwaway… Read more...

Fort Wayne Rocks

Favorite Local Albums of 2017

I know you were pretty busy in 2017. There was a lot going on for all of us, really. Lots of internal and external crisis keeping our brains on full alert and giving us little time to sit down and relax a bit… Read more...

Sleep on it

A talk with Sean Richardson of Best Sleep

So say you're in a pretty successful local band. You guys make a name for yourselves as a group that's the real deal; you make solid, blood, sweat, and tears rock and roll albums, you leave scorched earth wherever you play a gig, and you not only garner the respect of fans but of fellow musicians you play shows with. Read more...

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