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Orange Opera, Punx Fest and more coming soon

The Lovelines show (see our feature this issue) happens on August 30, but if you also need something to do on August 29 look no further than The Brass Rail once again… Read more...

Flying Fun In The Fort

Fort Disc Golf takes off with the Indiana Summer Series Finale

If you've been through Schoaff or Swinney park on any given day, you may see a lot of people out on an unusual course trying to land frisbees in chain baskets… Read more...

Fragile Tectonics

Peter Bremers at the FWMoA

After the incredibly exciting summer glass show in 2013, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art has attempted to repeat its success with "Peter Bremers: Inward Journey", and "The 42nd Annual International Glass Invitational Award Winners". Both of these exhibitions are incredible visual treats and turn their galleries into beautiful, moody spaces as the light projected through glass sculptures is scattered. Read more...

Schemes of laughter

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels delivers the comedy

As Broadway musicals celebrating the antics of people behaving badly go, "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" isn’t a hard-bitten satire in the vein of, say, "Chicago." Instead, it’s pure entertainment, the bad deeds and villany played completely for laughs. Read more...

State of the Arts

Artlink's 2014 Members Show

Now in its 36th year of operation, Artlink has conducted a members exhibition since its early days, when the art world was rooted solely in Fort Wayne's downtown, and its nucleus was the Fort Wayne Art Institute, which had sprawled through the West Central Neighborhood. Read more...

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