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Green space

IPFW opens up its Little Shop of Horrors

So much of life is about choices, the decisions we make in order to fulfill our long-term goals and dreams. Do you turn down the ice-cream cone in order to meet your fitness goals? Do you put away a little bit of your paycheck every few weeks in order to build a financial nest egg? Read more...

Sad Man Noble Poet

Steve Henn Talks New Book, New Perspective

Sometimes the most interesting minds are hiding in plain sight. Maybe it's some guy at work in the break room quietly reading A Confederacy Of Dunces while FOX News blasts in the background. Maybe that guy at the local Starbucks making you a peppermint mocha has a Masters in Psychology and has written nine unpublished novels but fell on hard times… Read more...

Splish splash

The Fort Wayne Civic takes the plunge with The Little Mermaid

Perhaps the only thing really surprising about a stage version of Disney’s 1989 animated feature The Little Mermaid was that it took so long to arrive, following a host of other adaptations (The Lion King; Beauty & the Beast) to the stage some 20 years after the movie. Read more...

Annual Spring Book Fair hosts Northeast Indiana authors and artists

Canterbury School’s annual Spring Book Fair happens April 18-20 from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at 5601 Covington Road. Read more...

Garrett Museum of Art

An arts gem just a short drive away

Is the true test of a successful art exhibition the work itself? Often this is not the case…sometimes there exists one exceptional individual who champions the art and the artists to bring a great show to the public. Read more...


A conversation with Fort Wayne’s Love Hustler

The 80s get a bad rap at times. Sometimes that bad rap is deserved. Things like pegged pants, pet rocks, Monster Truck shows, and a good portion of 80s Saturday morning cartoons should never have existed. So let's put all of those out of our minds, shall we? Read more...

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