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Fort Wayne Spins

EA Poorman’s favorite local albums of 2014

It's that time of year again. The end of the year, that is. That time of year when we reflect on everything that went down during the last 12 months. The good, the bad, the meh. Read more...

The whole hog

Plymouth Church’s annual Boar’s Head Festiva

Beefeaters — those iconic guardsmen in their eye-catching red uniforms — are probably the first images that come to mind when you think of Plymouth Congregational Church’s annual Boar’s Head Festival, one of the most popular holiday events in Fort Wayne. Read more...

Continuous Momentum: Thematic and their Endless Light

Yeah, I guess I'm a survivor of the 80s. I grew up and out of the decade of neon lights, pegged pants, and Punky Brewster. I was in awe of a talking Trans Am, Vietnam-era mercenaries that couldn't hit an elephant with an AK-47 if it was five feet in front of them, and cubes made by a Hungarian named Rubik. Read more...

Cracking the airwaves

Community Radio WELT 95.7 FM looks to make a mark on Fort Wayne

It's taken a few years, but the dream of LPFM — Low Power FM radio — in Fort Wayne just got a little closer to reality. With the issuance of a construction permit, the Allen County Public Library has established WELT on the FM dial. Read more...

Less Apparent Abstraction: Tim Parsley

Many times, Fort Wayne newcomers wax poetic on the ways that they are kept outside of the “inner core” of city goings-on, and are not made to feel like they can work through this veil of exclusion easily. Read more...

There and Back Again: Clint Roth and Big Jaw

Can you remember that first record that blew your socks off? You know which one I'm talking about. Clint Roth, in his own way, is making the kind of music that will someday fall into the hands of some kid living between "nowhere special" and "nothing doing" and will change that kid's perspective on life and open his eyes to the world of rock 'n roll. Read more...

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