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Tattoo redux

John Commorato’s Art Attack project marks 10th anniversary with a special screening

A little over 10 years ago, John Commorato Jr. heard a bizarre story from a fellow patron at the Brass Rail one night. It was an ugly story, a grim story, and it struck a strong creative spark in Commorato… Read more...

Artlink’s 35th National Print Exhibition

Artlink’s 35th National Print Exhibition, a staple of the Fort Wayne art scene’s annual calendar, is running through May 27th this year, and is surprising continuing to outdo itself even after multiple years of really stepping up its game. Read more...

Rock 'N Roll Pilgrimage

Avers and Opera at The Brass Rail

Whenever I get a message from one of Fort Wayne's finest songwriters, Mr. Kevin Hambrick, I always get excited… Read more...

Starting May 23… the Library Plaza Rocks

Because summer is here and the time is right

I remember when I was a kid my older brothers would travel from Garrett to watch the Sunday concerts at Freimann Square and I always wished they would take me with them, but I was just “that kid brother,” and 10 years younger to boot, which made me more a bother than a brother. Read more...

Love & Sin

A Conversation With Forever The Fallen

If your thing is hard rock and metal, look no further than Fort Wayne's Forever The Fallen. These guys have been hitting stages all over the city playing their own brand of intense, hard driving metal. Read more...

Sneak Pique

Mariah Knight's Pique: Fort Wayne Art and Culture in an arts publication that attempts to catalogue and observe the many diverse forms of art and culture represented in our City. Read more...

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