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Guest director

Tony nominated Jane Lanier helms Mary Poppins at the Civc

The basic story of Jane Lanier’s career as a professional dancer, actor, and (later on) chorographer and director sounds like a movie. And doubtless, Lanier would have a pretty good laugh at hearing her career described like that Read more...

Invisible College: School is In

Fort Wayne is not usually a city that people have on the tip of their tongue when discussing contemporary art and its future direction. It especially hasn’t been seen as the place that a west coast gallery would choose to highlight a large group of emerging and established artists. Read more...

Three of a Perfect Pair : The Rise of Pink Balloon Band

Pink Balloon Band is a three-piece rock 'n roll band that pay homage to the kinds of rock songs that get stuck in your craw and won't leave you till you've hummed the damn thing out of your head all day. Read more...

Inspirational Songs : The Music of Chris Darby

Chris Darby is one of the good ones. He's a singer/songwriter in the real sense. By in the real sense what I mean is that there's no hiding behind big productions and accompaniment of a full band. Read more...

Sam Agres: Painted Life

Sam Agres’ work is truly something amazing to behold — in his solo exhibition as Wunderkammer Company, the viewer can take in hundreds of his paintings all at once, creating a gestalt experience of time, memory, color, and sometimes cubistic form. Read more...

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