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Bat fans

The Waltons rescuer our winged friends

Bob Walton recalls one of the first “patients” he brought home to nurse back to health as part of his particular field of conservation and rehabilitation. Read more...

Catherine Blyth: “Paint the Unconscious”

The midwest has always been perceived as rural, traditional, and homogenous. From its “simple beginnings” and its focus on farming and then the onset of mass manufacturing, the midwest is not really known for pushing boundaries… Read more...

Something Bigger Than Yourself : A Conversation With Robert Harrison

Somewhere between Fort Wayne and South Bend on Highway 30 sits a town called Columbia City. Within Columbia City's city limits a kid named Robert Harrison spent his formative years writing concertos on the recorder, bringing his acoustic guitar with him wherever he went, and honing his skills as a songwriter. Read more...

Hit parade harmony

The Marvelous Wonderettes delivers a tour of classic pop tunes

Things are all good to go at the 1958 Springfield High senior prom. The glittery tassels are hung and the pastel crinoline is in full effect. There’s just one little problem — the scheduled entertainment can’t make it. Read more...

Maurice Papier: A Retrospective

It’s very rare for an artist to have a career so successful that it spans decades and can be honored through a retrospective. Read more...

Answering his call: Brian Jenkins preserves the past through film

Not that long ago (March to be exact), I spoke with Fort Wayne native, current San Diego resident, and Riot House Records owner Brian Jenkins about his move from the Midwest, his growing San Diego roots, running a record label, and his involvement in the excellent vinyl collecting doc Records Collecting Dust. Read more...

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