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"What it's like to die"

The return of Heaven's Gateway Drugs

Way back in April of 2013 Fort Wayne, Indiana's Heaven's Gateway Drugs dropped their full-length debut called You Are Heaven's Gateway Drugs. It was a psych-pop menagerie of both late 60s psych and garage rock and British Invasion pop with a modern twist. Read more...

The Imaginary Invalid

Comedy made its IPFW premier in 1964

For the school’s 50th anniversary, IPFW’s Department of Theater has been taking a trip through the past this season, revisiting plays that the department has produced in decades past. Read more...

Bush League

Artist Taylor Carpenter’s first solo show at Wunderkammer

Young artists have always been at somewhat of a disadvantage within the art world. While needing to focus on an intense study of their chosen genre and style, these students must also be increasingly conscious of their “brand,” connecting to professionals within their field, and building whatever kind of spotlight they can on their artwork. Read more...

TRIAAC shuts its doors after 15 years

Founder Ketu Oladuwa makes new plans and looks for someone to “assume the mantle”

On November 8, the Three Rivers Institute of Afrikan Art & Culture (TRIAAC) brings percussionist Art “Turk” Burton and a host of other jazz greats to town for a pre-Veterans Day Tribute to Veterans at American Legion Post 148. And that concert might be the last event that TRIAAC hosts for a long, long time. Read more...

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