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Graffiti Walls and Gateways:

Every city in America uses its arts and culture in one way or another. The most successful cities incorporate these natural human functions into their planning and design, making them inherent aspects of the cities identity and propel a brand of a globally competitive space where ideas and knowledge are accepted and celebrated… Read more...

What is a Grey Gordon?

I was sitting in my office beginning to write this story when I suddenly flashed back to being a little kid and I was at my grandma and grandpa Poorman's house in Amish country… Read more...

Everybody loves Nick

The Fort Wayne Civic goes … to Hoboken

The play is called Over the River and Through the Woods, and while the title obviously references the holiday song and may conjure pastoral images of snow-covered fields and country lanes, the tone and setting of Joe DiPietro’s family comedy is something else entirely. Read more...

Plaxton and the Void are Still Alive

In the quaint little seaside town known as Warsaw, IN there lives a band called Plaxton and the Void. They're making some pretty epic music amongst the treasure trove of orthopedic takeovers, karaoke on Thursdays, and a church for every non-affiliated, non-denominational moderately conservative weekend warrior this side of Kosciusko county, USA Read more...

UnZIP 07: Exploring a zip code and its culture

Fort Wayne is home to many great neighborhoods. These building blocks of our community have long held the keys to our success and growth, yet have recently been relatively overlooked among the sea of "quick fix" projects and economic development agencies which have captured most of our political representatives' attention. Read more...

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