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2018-05-19 Spirits in the material world
A short drive down Griffin Street and through the doors of Tekventure will bring the curious onlooker to the temporary workshop of artist Sayaka Ganz…
2018-04-19 Outlaws on Print
Outlaws of Print: The History and Artists of the Underground Collective, on display at Fort Wayne Museum of Art beginning April 21, features members of the Outlaw Printmakers collective. The group is characteristically ‘underground,’ residing outside the mainstream art world, though like many other Outsider artists and groups, slowly creeping in through the backdoor.
2018-04-05 Tired-a-Lot
Tired-a-Lot has nothing to do with fatigue and everything to do with community development and empowering young people. The camp, now in its second year, teaches teens how to use design thinking, upcycled materials, and their own talent to transform neighborhoods.
2018-03-16 Through the lens of youth
Each year, Fort Wayne Museum of Art exhibits the Scholastics Art and Writing Awards, highlighting some of the brightest and most promising young artists and writers in our area.
2018-03-02 Good enough to eat…
On March 10, Sweets So Geek brings us another year of Pi Day festivities. Now in its fourth year, the Annual Pie Pan Art Auction will feature original artwork on actual pie pans created by local artists
2018-02-15 Fort Wayne Fantasy Festivity
Fort Wayne artists Nick Ferran and Jack Ellsworth are bringing a special Midwest mythology-themed art exhibit to the Valontine business located in The City Exchange Shops downtown…
2018-02-03 Pique Magazine
Pique: Fort Wayne Art & Culture , is Fort Wayne’s new magazine and blog featuring all things arts and culture-related in the area. They tote a “local art + global reach” with their publications. This isn’t your floppy monthly throwaway…
2018-01-20 Collective State
Collective State is a new local arts boutique that has taken up residence at 1321 East State Boulevard in Fort Wayne. It is located in a lovely brick building between Simply Socks and the Tecumseh branch public library in the East State Village area.
2017-11-06 The Hedge
Walk into The Hedge at 1016 Broadway and meet Helga, Ginger, Eva, and Mulvay’s Mangler. Helga is the youngest, born in 1960. The four of them are not a knitting circle of elderly women, but printmaking presses belonging to artist Julie Wall, who lives and works in the location with Daniel Dienelt
2017-10-23 Day of the Dead
For nearly a decade, Fort Wayne Museum of Art has hosted the annual Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos, celebration with Mexican altars and a family celebration. The annual Dia de los Muertos family celebration will host altars created by local artists and family members from the community.
2017-10-06 Sugar Moon
The event that brought collaborative art duo Sugar Moon together may seem unusual, but to anyone who has seen their themed photo shoots, videos, or experienced their annual Halloween Art shows, it makes perfect sense.
2017-09-15 Art This Way
Art This Way Art Crawl on Saturday, September 23, is the kick off event for a larger project led by artist Alexandra Hall to activate alleyways in downtown Fort Wayne with visual arts. The Art Crawl raises funds and brings awareness to the Art this Way Alley Activation Project, whose intent is to bring new life and walkability to downtown Fort Wayne.
2017-09-03 Mother Earth
As you walk into the gallery housing Lissa Brown’s show Human Nature at Wunderkammer your eyes are immediately drawn to a large, consuming, dark blue wall at the other end of the room. The wall is covered in a dark indigo paint with a sparkling gold geometric symbol that at first glance speaks of ritual.
2017-07-20 Just Passing Through
Artist Matthew Crumpton’s Crumpton’s work has a lowbrow west coast aesthetic, echoing visual cues of the early 20th century Futurist Movement. If you saw and loved the Juxtapoz and Robert Williams exhibits currently on display at Fort Wayne Museum of Art, you’ve got to check out Crumpton’s show Just Passing Through….
2017-07-08 Where the heART is
Artists from bigger cities have been known to laud Fort Wayne’s rich, tight-knit arts community. And it’s true: the city has a flourishing, friendly community that is small but mighty.
2016-02-09 Artlink's Art Club
Countless studies have shown the benefits of including a strong arts curriculum as part of public education. An education in the arts has been shown to improve standardized test scores, critical thinking, problem solving skills, self-esteem, and much more
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