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2011-05-09 2011 primaries — a walk on the mild side
Ahhh, the unbridled enthusiasm of political primaries! Almost 13% of eligible voters cast a ballot on May 3!
2011-03-20 Familiar names
Scanning over the list of new candidates for political office in Fort Wayne, a few names rang bells for us.
2011-02-20 2 out of 3 ain't bad
Where does Paula Hughes — former Allen County Council President and current Fort Wayne mayoral hopeful for the Republican ticket — stand on the Harry Baals Center for Government?
2011-01-09 Another hat in the ring…
Most Fort Wayne politicos thought it was coming, but on January 5, business man Eric Doden made it official — he’s seeking the Republican nomination for Fort Wayne Mayor.
2010-12-19 The Friends of Ivan Hood?
With races for Mayor and City Council on the horizon, Fort Wayne politicos have plenty to look forward to in 2011…
2010-11-08 (Tea) Party in the 3rd CD
A lot has been said — nationally and locally — about the influence of that loose, amorphous phenomenon called “the Tea Party” on the 2010 elections.
2010-10-18 A P.S.A. from P.A.
Voters showing up at the polls on November 2 might come across a few confusing items on the ballot this year…
2010-09-17 Tired of waiting
That sound you hear on the breeze isn’t the rustle of the autumn leaves or even the honking of geese flying south for the winter…
2010-08-08 Reefer(ish) Concern
Some of you out there may have heard of K-2. If not, here’s the short version: K-2 is a product that — without getting into the chemistry of its make-up — many people describe as a type of “synthetic marijuana.”
2010-07-19 The best policy
Honesty is the best policy. And confession is good for the soul. And the truth will set us free… you get the picture.
2010-07-04 The Law of the Land
Every year, florists look forward to February 14, accountants have April 15 circled on their calendars, and many in the legal profession make note of July 1…
2010-06-22 Rollin’ on the rivers (again)
While FWR’s cover story this issue talks about efforts to revitalize and repurpose a potential community asset on land, Allen County Commissioners early last month agreed to help fund an initiative to look at developing another potential community asset — the rivers.
2010-06-07 Smoke-filled room edition
Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 12! That’s when the 500+ Republican precinct committee people from Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District will caucus in the Columbia City High School gymnasium to choose a candidate for the GOP ticket from among the 73 contenders who want to replace Mark Souder.
2010-05-25 Shock and awe
Congressman Mark Souder’s announcement that he would resign his seat in the US House of Representatives and his revelation that he was having an affair with a part-time staffer was… well, shocking.
2010-05-10 Keep the change
Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
2010-04-04 Moving In, Moving On
After years of controversy and contention, bitter words and angry rants, predictions of disaster and catastrophe on a scale not seen since Godzilla and Rodan teamed up to fight Ghidora, the long-held dream has finally come to pass. Health care reform? Heck no!
2010-03-22 The Morning After
The Y2K Bug Survival Kit. Internet stocks in the late 90s. Jay Leno at 10 PM… The common thread? They all seemed like good ideas at the time.
2010-02-20 Fresh Coats?
Even in today’s polarized, give-no-quarter, “with-us-or-against-us” political climate, where common ground is almost impossible to find and the word “compromise” is usually uttered with a Cheney-esque sneer of derision…
2010-02-04 Speculation and rumors…
What’s the difference between speculation and rumor? Allow us to illustrate with an example…
2010-01-25 Don't call it a comeback
Those of you still sporting an “anti-John Crawford” sticker on your car’s back bumper from 2007 (you know the ones we’re talking about, where there’s a bold, red slash through the “W”) may not want to scrape those off yet. Or maybe you will, depending on how you feel about things now.
2010-01-11 Hail to the Chief
In a unanimous vote that came as no surprise to people who follow such things, the Fort Wayne City Council approved Marty Bender (R-at large) as council president for 2010.
2009-12-19 Silver lining
Earlier this month, the Gaming Study Committee released its annual report, which recommended against expanding gambling into new communities in Indiana.
2009-12-06 Don’t ya wanna live with me?
“The dream of a joint solution to City of Fort Wayne and Allen County space needs through co-location just died today,” said Mayor Henry in a statement on November 19, referring to the Allen County council vote to not pursue co-habitation of the building at 200 East Berry (Renaissance Square).
2009-11-24 The Price of a Stamp…
The contentious dispute between Indiana Michigan Electric Power and the city over the value of Fort Wayne’s electric utility has cost the city around $300,000 in attorney’s fees, and another couple hundred thousand or so in consultants fees.
2009-11-09 The Ghosts of '07
Remember the heady days of Fort Wayne’s mayoral race of 2007?
2009-10-05 911 is no joke
The Earth spins on its axis, the seasons change, continents crumble into the sea… and the issue of 911 consolidation between the City of Fort Wayne and Allen County remains unresolved.
2009-08-09 Crosstown Traffic
While a final vote isn’t expected until the Tuesday, August 11th meeting of the Fort Wayne City Council, plans to convert a downtown portion of Calhoun Street from one-way to two-way appear to be a done deal.
2009-07-21 Team Players
The City of Fort Wayne’s new grant program for sports-related tourism is already paying big dividends. Earlier this year, the City gave the National Soccer Festival a $10,000 sports business development grant to attract the Big Ten. It worked.
2009-07-06 Budget Battle — part two
After a bitter battle over a state budget, Republicans and Democrats in the Indiana General Assembly along with Governor Mitch Daniels are all applauding the passage of a new two-year $28.5 billion state budget.
2009-06-04 Budget battle
With state lawmakers headed back to the Indiana Statehouse after failing to pass a budget during their regular session, Governor Mitch Daniels has unveiled his new budget proposal. Daniels' plan calls for huge cuts in state spending and dipping into the state’s rainy day fund.
The City of Fort Wayne hopes local citizens and businesses will chip in to help the community bring home the title of All-America City.
2009-04-30 Remembering Rousseau
Elected officials and citizens from around the area and across the state are mourning the loss of former Allen County Commissioner Ed Rousseau. Rousseau died April 25th at age 76.
2009-04-21 D-Day for EACS
The April 21st meeting of the East Allen County Schools Board could prove to be explosive for the district. Some parents are bracing for Superintendent Kay Novotny to endorse a cost-cutting plan that calls for the closing of Paul Harding High School.
2009-04-07 The TinCaps/Parkview Field special edition
With the first pitch at the new Parkview Field scheduled for April 16, PA devotes a full PAdometer to the cast of characters who are making Harrison Square a reality (of sorts).
2009-03-23 Township Tussle
Even though local government restructuring appears dead for this state legislative session, supporters of a local government makeover continue to state their case.
2009-03-10 Hotel Hustle
While construction moves ahead on Parkview Field, the downtown baseball home of the Fort Wayne Tin Caps, no dirt has been shoveled on the most important part of Harrison Square: the new hotel.
2009-02-24 Kelty Komeback?
As incredible as it might seem, failed mayoral candidate and admitted felon Matt Kelty is back in the news…
2009-02-10 A Local Government Makeover
It’s the issue that just won’t die: local government consolidation. After incremental movement over the last several years, plans to restructure local government appear to be on the fast track at the Indiana Statehouse.
2009-01-16 The Council Elders
The new president of the Fort Wayne City Council is an old hand. And that’s good news.
2009-01-05 Political Animal: Year in review
The PAdometer for 2008
2008-12-23 Hedging his bets
“We are living in difficult, and for far too many, desperate economic times.” With those words, Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry launched into a carefully worded explanation of his stance on a potentially highly-charged issue for the city: casino gambling in Fort Wayne.
2008-12-09 But what have you done for me lately…?
Late last year, the outgoing Richard administration left the incoming new guard a sort of welcoming gift — the High Performance Government Network, a nonprofit corporation created by the former mayor himself, designed to help city government work more efficiently.
2008-11-25 As the ax falls
The sordid soap opera that was the 2009 City of Fort Wayne Budget debate appears to be settled. City employees will have to go without raises, but no one will be laid off due to belt tightening.
2008-11-06 Montagano a no go
Local and national Democrats have to be kicking themselves following the election results for Indiana’s third district congressional seat, a race that pit Republican incumbent Rep. Mark Souder against Democrat Michael Montagano and Libertarian William Larsen.
2008-10-07 Budget time
Let the budget battle begin…
2008-09-22 In Tom we trust?
Twice in two weeks, Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry found himself the recipient of a public smackdown.
2008-07-21 The mayor is in
Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry will hold his second “Mayor’s Night In” on July 30th from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in his 9th floor offices in downtown’s City-County Building.
2008-07-07 Government restructuring hits the airwaves
It might not be the most riveting television, but it might be the most impactful. Anyone who thought the issue of local government restructuring was dead and forgotten should tune in for a series of programs discussing how city, county and township government might change in Indiana.
2008-06-23 …But I did not shoot the Deputy
While the nation wonders who presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama will choose as their vice-presidential running mates, Fort Wayne has its own second-in-command guessing game: Who will be the City’s deputy mayor?
2008-06-10 Harrison Squared
Even as construction on Harrison Square moves full-steam ahead, an aura of skepticism, second-guessing and near-paranoia still hangs over the hotel/condo/stadium project. With keen-eyed doubters looking for any possible flaw in the financing package for the $130-million development, the media dissecting every comment by public officials, and bloggers weighing in pro and con, the debate over Harrison Square isn’t exactly boiling over, but it’s definitely simmering.
2008-05-20 Golden landmines
When Fort Wayne Mayor Graham Richard left office in January, he didn’t take a golden parachute - the windfall bonus that some CEO’s take with them when they leave a high-profile, high-paying job. However, it does appear that Richard did leave something of a golden landmine.
2008-05-06 Our omnipresent mayor
If former Mayor Graham Richard was the “invisible mayor,” current chief executive Tom Henry could be considered the omnipresent mayor.
2008-03-10 The mayor is in
Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry is reviving the Mayor’s Night In - a chance for anyone to get ten minutes of face time with the city’s top elected official. It will take place Wednesday, March 19th from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. in the Omni Room on the second floor of the City County Building, One Main Street.
2008-02-18 Up in smoke
If you went out for a smoke break, you would have missed it. On Tuesday, February 12, a packed house of bar and restaurant owners, smokers and health advocates expected a heated debate over proposed revisions to the City of Fort Wayne’s sweeping smoking ban.
2008-02-04 Open or closed?
A group of concerned citizens has filed a complaint with the state charging that Republicans on the Fort Wayne City Council broke the law in regard to Indiana’s open-door law.
2008-01-21 Meet the new boss
Mike Bynum is the new chair of the Allen County Democratic Party. He replaces Kevin Knuth, who resigned the post shortly after the November election. While Bynum was the only candidate to submit his name for consideration by party members - and even that was at the urging of others - party insiders believe he’s a good fit for the job.
2007-12-24 Meet the new boss…
When Mayor-elect Tom Henry announced his first round of appointments, it looked more like a run-of-the-mill Richard Administration staff meeting than a major news announcement. Of the six appointees to Henry’s cabinet, all six are holdovers from the previous administration…
2007-12-11 High Visibility
During his re-election campaign four years ago, an attack ad branded Graham Richard the “Invisible Mayor.” However, over the last few weeks, the city’s outgoing chief executive has been anything but invisible. In fact, it’s been hard to escape the mayor’s beaming face over the last several weeks as he has been the subject of several retrospectives in local broadcast and print media (like the last Fort Wayne Reader, for example). However, even more significant have been Mayor Richard’s triumphant launches of perhaps the most important and potentially long-lasting initiatives of his administration.
2007-11-20 Open or shut case?
Fort Wayne Mayor Graham Richard leaves office on a high note. Progress continues on downtown’s Harrison Square hotel/retail/condo/baseball stadium development; the new Regional Public Safety Academy is near completion at the renovated Southtown Centre; and with the election of Democrat Tom Henry, initiatives like Renaissance Pointe (a 350-home neighborhood rejuvenation just southeast of downtown) and others are expected to move ahead…
2007-11-01 Contemplate the "ifs"
On Tuesday, November 6th, Fort Wayne voters will choose either Tom Henry (D) or Matt Kelty (R) to be the city’s next mayor. As of this writing, at least three opinion polls (including one commissioned by the Kelty campaign) show Henry with a commanding lead. That’s not to say that it’s all over. In the final days of 1999’s mayoral race, polls showed Linda Buskirk with a double-digit lead over Graham Richard. We all know how that turned out.
2007-10-22 Dis-endorsement
“My endorsement of Matt Kelty does not stand.” With those words, U.S. Congressman Mark Souder, the area’s highest ranking Republican elected official, effectively threw GOP mayoral hopeful Matt Kelty under the bus…
2007-10-08 Education mayor
Republican Matt Kelty wants to be the education mayor. During a recent news conference, Kelty promised to create a partnership between the Mayor’s Office and Fort Wayne Community Schools declaring that the mayor must take a “hands-on approach to public education and the difficulties faced by the city’s urban schools.”
2007-09-24 Harrison Squared…
Downtown’s Harrison Square is plowing ahead - literally. Demolition crews are busy tearing down buildings to make way for the new hotel, condos, retail shops, parking garage and baseball stadium. Fort Wayne City Council gave preliminary approval to an $18-million gap loan to fund part of the project until the state approves bond financing for the development.
2007-09-07 The “EX”-perience factor
When it comes to being elected mayor is experience a plus or a liability? How local voters answer that question could be a determining factor in the race between Democrat Tom Henry and Republican Matt Kelty.
2007-08-19 Judicial Restraint?
This issue’s cover story gives you the lowdown on the latest setback for the Matt Kelty for Mayor Campaign, so we’ll forgo detailing the nine-count criminal indictment against the Republican candidate. We’ll also defer comment on the all the possible political ramifications of that development. Our main story does an excellent job examining both.
2007-08-06 A polarizing Polaroid moment
The above photo might just turn out to be the strangest memento of perhaps the strangest mayoral race in Fort Wayne history.
2007-07-23 Blog Banter
Blog aggregator BlogNetNews Indiana (www.blognetnews.com/Indiana) regularly compiles a list of what it deems to be the state’s most influential political blogs. BNN Indiana doesn’t go so far as to suggest that these blogs have great influence on politicians or voters, but they are deemed the “most powerfully influencing the direction of the Indiana political blogosphere” - whatever that means exactly. However, you might still be scratching your head wondering, “What on Earth is a blog aggregator?” It’s like a headline news service that collects and posts the hottest stories/commentaries from some of the state’s most-read blogs.
2007-07-09 Give me liberty…
Four years ago, the Libertarian Party of Allen County (LPAC) didn’t field a single candidate for local political office. That all changes in 2007. “We are growing thanks to our incumbents regrettable waste of taxpayer dollars,” says LPAC secretary Doug Horner. “We want to give our neighbors the opportunity to vote for candidates who believe in smaller government, lowering property taxes and protecting our property rights and civil liberties.”
2007-06-18 The Harrison House
Some might accuse them of beating a dead horse, but three Fort Wayne City Councilman say they’re just seeking answers to constituents’ lingering questions about Harrison Square.
2007-06-05 You'll be hearing from my lawyer…
Under just about any other circumstance, GOP Mayoral candidate Matt Kelty has a glib gift of gab that is the envy of most politicians. His warm and wide smile, affable personality and his ability to think on his feet are all big plusses on the campaign trail.
2007-05-21 Party like it's 1999
“Sure, with his high-profile office, his experience and his fund raising ability, Allen County Commissioner Nelson Peters appears to be the 800 lb gorilla in the GOP primary. However, keep this name in mind - Joe Squadrito. Back in 1999, the smart money was certain that Allen County Sheriff Joe Squadrito would be to be a shoo-in against his lesser-known opponent in that year’s GOP primary. But the smart money was wrong. Squadrito was soundly defeated by a political newcomer - Linda Buskirk. The lesson? Conventional wisdom isn’t always so wise. Keep the faith…"
2007-04-10 Conservative Street Cred
With the May primary less than a month away, local candidates for public office are picking up the pace. That means collecting and capitalizing on key endorsements. In the high-profile GOP primary contest for the Fort Wayne mayor’s office, Allen County Commissioner Nelson Peters and architect Matt Kelty are hoping that their respective endorsements solidify their conservative credentials.
2007-03-20 Et tu, Kelty?
“I don’t need the government telling small businesses how to do business.” That’s what Republican mayoral candidate Matt Kelty told The Journal Gazette late last year. His remarks were in opposition to a far-reaching smoking ban in bars and restaurants in Allen County. “It’s not about new government regulation to make opening a business more difficult,” Kelty was quoted as saying.
2007-02-21 Unsolicited Advice
If you’ve read this issue’s feature story (and if you haven’t, please take a look before you read this column), you know that Matt Kelty wants to be the next mayor of Fort Wayne. A young, handsome, successful business man and family man, Kelty has all the makings of a dream candidate. He clearly has the wholesome appeal, conservative credentials and the drive to compete for the GOP nomination this spring.
2007-02-06 Mayor Hopefuls Multiply
Candidate filing season is officially underway. As expected, two Republican Party mayoral hopefuls filed their running papers on opening day, January 24, 2007. Allen County Commissioner Nelson Peters and local architect Matt Kelty were among the early birds.
2007-01-23 The Smoke Clears…
Fort Wayne City Council members are on the verge of approving a sweeping ban on smoking in public places around the city. On January 16th, a near complete public smoking ban won preliminary approval by a vote of 7 to 1, with one abstention.
2007-01-10 Take me out to the ballgame
Fort Wayne Mayor Graham Richard is putting on the full court press for a proposed downtown baseball stadium... or using perhaps a better sports metaphor, he’s putting in some pinch hitters.
2006-11-21 Mayor’s Race Thins Out
“Today, I am announcing that I am a candidate for Fort Wayne Mayor.” With those words, Allen County Commissioner Nelson Peters announced that he is seeking Fort Wayne’s top elected post. After months of literally no suspense, Peters declared his intentions to run for mayor next year in front of a room full of supporters inside the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce. If elected, the Republican county commissioner would replace Democrat Graham Richard, who decided to step aside after two terms as the chief executive of Indiana’s second largest city.
2006-10-23 And Our Next Mayor is…
As Political Animal predicted in our last issue, Fort Wayne Mayor Graham Richard is calling it quits after this term. He announced that he will not seek a third term and will instead focus on some key projects for the remainder of his time in office including downtown development and urban re-investment plans like the Renaissance Pointe housing initiative.
2006-09-04 Public input 2.0
The Allen County Commissioners are taking to the Internet to gather more public input on local government reorganization/consolidation. An online poll will record responses for the next month or so.
2006-08-21 Election Investogation and more…
The Allen County Election Board tossed the names of 11 townships candidates - all Republicans - from the November ballot when it was learned that the candidates’ names were forged on election documents. Douglas Foy was fired from his job as Allen County Republican Party executive director for his role in the matter, and election officials are asking Allen County Prosecutor Karen Richards to launch a criminal investigation.
2006-08-08 Tail lights, GiaQuintas, and more BMV controversy
A broken taillight, of all things, has shed light on a discomforting practice by the Fort Wayne Police Department.
2006-06-05 Candidates' web sites
This issue, Political Animal decided to check out the websites of four local candidates in what promise to be hotly contested races…
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