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2007-01-23 New cool — The Apple iPhone
The big news over the past few weeks has been Apple's announcement of its new iPhone. Steve Jobs predicts that "Apple will do for communications what [Apple] did for music." He is, of course, referencing the uber-successful iPod. But is the iPhone really that good? And can Apple really "change" the way we communicate?
2006-06-21 Half-Life 2: Episode One
When it comes to the Half-Life series, I have an unyielding case of fanboyism. I’m not sure if I’m even capable of being fair in a Half-Life review. The fact of the matter is that the Half-Life is the Sopranos of video games. Like our favorite TV mob story, everything after it changed because someone (somewhere) figured out how to really tell dramatic stories in the “shooter” format.
2006-06-05 Nintendo DS Lite
Writer’s Note: I was halfway through my promised review of the new Godfather title when an extraordinary gift from Nintendo arrived in the mail box — the new DS Lite. It became obvious that my review must be about this amazing new piece of hardware I am fortunate to own a week too early…
2006-05-22 New Super Mario Brothers
I love to watch a company when it’s firing on all cylinders. Apple, in particular, is one of those companies that has been fascinating to watch. While not the dominant force in modern computing, if you’ve watched the company over the past ten years, it has been the dominant “innovator” and can do no wrong. Like Apple, Nintendo these days is doing everything right.
2006-04-24 Guitar Hero
I've been trying to decide for about a week now whether to do this review on the new Godfather or Elder Scrolls game. They're both fine games and are excellent additions to their respective genres. But something started to aggravate me…While playing these games I constantly found myself switching them off (they're both very long) and picking up a game that I've played every day since last November. How many games in your collection have you played every day?
2006-04-10 Metroid Prime: Hunters
Let me first say that I believe that Metroid Prime for the Gamecube is the greatest FPS ever released for a console (Sorry Halo fans!). So you'd think that I'd walk in to a Metroid review favorably biased. In actuality, my expectations are higher. That's why I was pleasantly surprised Metroid Prime's sequel, Metroid Prime: Echoes, was actually good.
2006-03-20 Black
At a time when we're all looking forward to the possibilities of next-gen gaming systems, Burnout developer Criterion Games reminds us that our old horses still have some kick in them. Black is a Hollywood-style, all-out-action First Person Shooter triumph. Although it's short and its gameplay wears thin after a while, it is no less than the most playable and best-looking shooter on the PS2 and XBOX consoles.
2004-09-13 Pikmin 2
If you own a Gamecube, you know there’s been little to come out lately in terms of original games to justify the $99 purchase of the system. Sure, we have Metroid, Mario and Zelda (some of the best games on any platform), but if you’re like me and have owned a “Cube” since it came out, those games are old hat and there’s been NOTHING new and original of note on the “Cube” as long as I can remember.
2004-08-14 Doom 3
After literally years of obsessive anticipation by fans over the return of the id Software’s Doom franchise, the wait is over…Doom 3 is here. But was it worth the wait?
2004-06-14 Radio alternatives needed more than ever
If you’re a follower of the Fort Wayne Reader (I would guess there’s at least two or three of you. Hi Mom!) and you read us regularly, then you know that a topic that keeps coming up is local radio. We don’t really try to profess an opinion on the topic other than even though we’re in a small market with relatively little national corporate influence, our local radio media provides us with homogenized drivel that lacks edge and fails to reflect our locality. But we don’t try to promote an opinion…
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