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2007-01-10 The 2006 Console Game of the Year
2006 was not the best year for games. Although our excitement was almost unbearable at the prospect of a new PS3 or Wii, there seemed to be fewer quality titles worth buying throughout 2006. With all of the consoles transitioning to their next-gen (now current-gen) systems, this is natural as the industry refocuses. Still, if you buy or play less than 10 games per year, there were some true gems worth the $50-$60 price tag.
2006-09-04 Coming this holidayÖa gaming revolution
There have been many revolutions in our Countryís past. The American Revolution. The Industrial Revolution. The Internet Revolution. Perhaps you havenít been paying attention, but thereís another (admittedly less important) revolution going on right now. Itís a gaming revolution and itís coming from Nintendo this holiday.
2006-07-24 Prey
Unless itís a sports title, minority characters in video games are more rare than men at a Pampered Chef party. Prey is the only title I can think of that features an American Indian as its main character. I guess itís a step forward if you can forgive the fact that the beginning of the story takes place in a bar and Iím pretty sure one of the characters calls another an ďInjun.Ē
2006-07-10 Rejected movie-to-video game titles
As the new writer of Button Masher, I spent a great deal of time trying to figure out what game to review. There hasnít been too many games in the pipeline worth reviewing, much less playing. Iím sure this is because weíre between console generations and all the quality titles are being developed for next-gen equipment. This is fine, I suppose, but it presents a dilemma for me.
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