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2018-11-05 Slow Dakota returns with Suite For Voice and Ukulele
PJ Sauerteig as Slow Dakota makes music that feels aged in an oak barrel for decades, secretly and effortlessly within some nondescript stone-lined cellar.
2018-10-05 Plymouth by Language: album review
For those not in-the-know, singer and guitarist Omar Afzaal of the New York-based post-punk band Language is a Fort Wayne native, born and bred.
2018-08-04 Streetlamps for Spotlights enjoy a Millennium Summer
Jason Davis is what you'd call a jack of all trades. He runs local recording studio Off The Cuff Sound in Fort Wayne, as well as giving music lessons at said music studio. He also does all kinds of repairs on instruments…
2018-06-14 Lemon pies and Lemon Skies
Another weekend is upon us, as is the age-old question, "What to do this weekend?" Well, I've got an answer for you. You should head to the Brass Rail June 16th, and go check out the Ohio psych rockers Lemon Sky. They'll be joined on stage by the always incredible Streetlamps For Spotlights and Lightlow.
2018-05-19 Shine a light
I think we all hope that we can be satisfied with our career path. Or at the very least, we can go to work everyday and find a couple people we have something in common with.
2018-04-19 Record Store Day 2018
I grew up with vinyl. Some of my first memories are of my dad changing records on a Zenith console stereo in the basement as my parents and their friends drank longnecks, smoked, and played pool all the while Led Zeppelin, The Doors, ZZ Top, and Three Dog Night spun on the turntable.
2018-04-05 Emotional Exorcism
For some art is something that's fun to dabble in. Taking a painting class down at the local Y, or maybe taking guitar lessons from the guy that goes to church with your neighbor…
2018-03-16 Finding her way
If you're not familiar with Lexi Pifer, chances are you will be someday. She's a Fort Wayne native with one hell of a voice and a keen knack for intimate, personal songwriting.
2018-02-15 Album Review : Lexi Pifer's Feeding a Wolf
Lexi Pifer may have left the Fort for entertaining on cruise ships on the open seas, adventuring on bright windswept shores, and taking song requests on Facebook Live feeds from parts unknown…
2018-01-20 Sleep on it
So say you're in a pretty successful local band. You guys make a name for yourselves as a group that's the real deal; you make solid, blood, sweat, and tears rock and roll albums, you leave scorched earth wherever you play a gig, and you not only garner the respect of fans but of fellow musicians you play shows with.
2017-12-18 'Heat Is Where The Heart Is'
Growing up hearing that we live in the greatest country in the world, sometimes it's easy to lose sight of the fact that not everyone has it as good as you.
2017-11-18 Trophy Club's Sports Cars
Fort Wayne has its fair share of "hardest working folks in showbiz" types. The music scene is less individual bands keeping to themselves than a bunch of bands that are made up of people in other bands.
2017-11-06 The Magic of Possibilities
Last we heard of Stephen Bryden, aka Sankofa, he was releasing onto the world an excellent LP called Ink From Rust. When Bryden does something, musical or otherwise, he puts 110% in.
2017-10-23 Slow Dakota : Rumspringa
Last year PJ Sauerteig, under his musical moniker Slow Dakota, released the elegant and elegiac The Ascension Of Slow Dakota. That album was an aged musical narrative about people and the things that people do. It was part prolific chamber pop and part poetry in motion courtesy of spoken word segments strewn throughout.
2017-06-19 Me and Mr. Kite
Yeah, I know. Like the world needs one more opinion on a Beatles album. I think everything that needs to have been said has been said. We get it. The Fab Four are great.
2017-06-05 Breathe easy
I always look forward to talking with Fort Wayne's The Legendary Trainhoppers.
2017-05-04 Wrecking ball
I woke up to the news that one of my good friends was dead. Before coffee, before the full brunt of the new day had come into focus, before I'd even put on socks I sat in my chair and saw posts on social media from friends and acquaintances talking of a great loss in our part of the universe.
2017-02-21 Bible Belt Devil Music
Don't let that title fool you. There will be no virgin sacrifices or blood lettings happening on March 3rd at the Brass Rail (though after 3am all bets are off.) What will be happening is some punked-up rockabilly ala X, the Replacements, Blondie, and The Stooges.
2017-02-03 Stories told by you and me
Storytelling is one of the oldest arts. The act of enthralling a group of your peers, some you may know and some you may not, with a story. Cavemen drew their tales on rocky walls, cowboys told tales around a campfire, and I can't tell you how many stories I've heard (and told) planted on a barstool with my umpteenth beer of the night sitting in front of me.
2017-01-24 Poetry in Motion
PJ Sauerteig makes music under the name Slow Dakota. The music is a mixture of chamber pop and idyllic folk. You get a feeling of tranquility come over you as you listen to the newest album titled The Ascension of Slow Dakota.
2016-12-15 Fantastical History
Of all the ways to make a name in the artistic world I imagine that "author" would be the most difficult. It's not as if you can sit down and write a book in one evening.
2016-12-15 A snapshot of where we were
C. Ray Harvey has been making music in the Fort for years. I saw him play for the first time when he was fronting Wooden Satellites on Record Store Day way back in 2010. He fronted that band like a guy who'd been performing a lifetime (at that time he was probably only in his early 20s.)
2016-12-02 “The Doodle Shall Prevail”
It's not often we find our main passion in our 30s, yet that is what happened with Fort Wayne by way of the UK artist Frank Louis Allen. After a back injury left him partially disabled back in 2011, Allen began drawing.
2016-11-07 Shred along the Wabash
In any other situation what I'm about to tell you would've been nothing more than just some bizarre dream I was sharing with the world, some surrealistic tale that my brain cooked up while I laid in bed and hoped for a few more moments of shut eye.
2016-10-24 Surf’s Up
Grey Gordon is one of those cats that never seems content. He's the kind of musician and songwriter that doesn't worship at the alter of any one musical master
2016-07-14 Surf's Up
Unless you've been living in a cave or cave-like construct where the outside world is blocked from all your five senses you should know that the Fort has been killing it with live music lately.
2016-06-16 Making Waves
The music festival is something the music fan has long loved; from The Newport Jazz Festival to the Monterey Pop Festival to Woodstock to Lollapalooza to Bonnaroo to Coachella, and so many in between over the years.
2016-06-03 Tarot Cards and Glitter Baptisms
When Jason Davis of Streetlamps for Spotlights and Off The Cuff Sound gets a hold of me to tell me about upcoming shows in the Fort, I'm all ears…
2016-05-19 Emotions In Motion
So what's Marion, Indiana known for? I thought it was just a name on a highway sign off of 13S on the way to Indianapolis. Turns out, there's more to it. It's the birthplace of James Dean and Garfield cartoonist Jim Davis. It's also where Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett were married in 1993 (weird, right?)
2016-05-05 Now we know: Robert Harrison talks new album
It wasn't long ago we talked to our good friend and singer/songwriter extraordinaire Robert Harrison. At the time he'd been working on songs for a new album. Well that new album is here, and it's called Now I Know.
2016-04-21 Somewhere Between Light and Dark
Sometimes life can be a perplexing game. Just when you think you've got it all worked out and things seem to be happening in all the right ways and for all the right reasons, life pulls your pants down in the middle of the high school cafeteria…
2016-04-07 Mix tape Masterpiece
I recently acquired my parents' old Sanyo dual cassette deck for the purpose of listening to some Debt of Nature cassettes that I happily received in the mail a couple of months ago.
2016-03-04 Indie Rock Superhero: The Return of Kevin Hambrick
I think without a doubt Kevin Hambrick can be considered the elder statesman of the Fort Wayne indie rock scene. Between albums he's released with the Orange Opera and the ones he's released under his own name, Hambrick has quite the discography.
2016-01-22 Just Be
The Be Colony may be a young-ish group of guys, but they don't sound it. If you see them live, or check out their Bandcamp page and listen to the two tracks they have on there, these Fort Wayne dudes sound like a group of well-seasoned rock and rollers…
2016-01-22 Full Frontal
I've known Greg W. Locke for close to 10 years now. Granted I've never met the man to his face or shared a beer with him, but we've discussed music and cinema via this thing called the internet on several occasions.
2015-11-10 Running: thoughts from a late bloomer
Running is starting to become easier for me. Maybe it's that I'm getting healthier as I get older. Or maybe it's that I'm scared.
2015-10-19 Carp rock: A Conversation With The Rutabega's Joshua Wayne Hensley
Carp Rock. You may be wondering just what in the hell carp rock is. I wondered that myself after seeing it mentioned on The Rutabega's Bandcamp page…
2015-10-02 Something Bigger Than Yourself : A Conversation With Robert Harrison
Somewhere between Fort Wayne and South Bend on Highway 30 sits a town called Columbia City. Within Columbia City's city limits a kid named Robert Harrison spent his formative years writing concertos on the recorder, bringing his acoustic guitar with him wherever he went, and honing his skills as a songwriter.
2015-09-17 Answering his call: Brian Jenkins preserves the past through film
Not that long ago (March to be exact), I spoke with Fort Wayne native, current San Diego resident, and Riot House Records owner Brian Jenkins about his move from the Midwest, his growing San Diego roots, running a record label, and his involvement in the excellent vinyl collecting doc Records Collecting Dust.
2015-09-03 Living Well: the Story of Ryan Kerr
It's a great feeling when you come across an artist that comes from a truly honest place. That place where there's nowhere to hide and conceal the truth of creativity. There's no put-ons or gimmicky song and dance. The art you see is the art you get.
2015-08-20 A New Language: Catching up with Omar Afzaal
If you've been a follower of music in the Fort Wayne music scene for the last 10 years, then chances are you know the name Omar Afzaal.
2013-08-15 Lost in space
I can remember it clearly. I was perusing my favorite blogs back in March — when we were all still aglow from My Bloody Valentine's triumphant return after two decades of knob turning and hand wringing — when I came across an article about a band called White Hills.
2013-07-18 From Florence with love
Once in a while you have to look beyond what you know to find that next great album. Sometimes in order to expand your mind you have to say the hell with what you do know and open that noggin of yours and let something you don't know soak in.
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