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2017-03-22 The wild side
The painted images are something straight out of Alice In Wonderland. A cheery frog riding a tricycle; an Ewe and a Ram lounging in an Italian cafe setting; various animals taking in the nightlife or enjoying an afternoon libation…
2016-12-16 The Gathering Of A Voice
Warm, jovial and inviting, Doc Shadowbear opens on WELT 95.7 every Friday night, his personality spilling over the airwaves much like Wolfman Jack or any of the early DJ's spinning record platters over the airwaves.
2016-09-15 The World of WELT
It's been little less than a year when WELT — a low-power FM station — hit the drawing boards, and only after a number of organizational meetings and word of mouth did the fuller picture of what the station would become begin to materialize.
2016-05-19 Of Talent and Tacos
It's a late Tuesday evening at the Latch String Bar and Grill. Posters and beer pictures festoon the walls, and the only bright lights come from an array of muted flat screen TVs fixed to the walls like living, moving paintings in a pub museum.
2016-05-05 Eye in the sky
The haunting swirl of a synthesizer evokes impressions of something robotic and threatening, while in the background another voice hints at the human element behind the machine…
2016-03-04 Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
It isn't too hard to mistake Cam Clark. He's a big guy with a wild shock of hair, a firm handshake and a driving ambition to produce a memorable movie…
2015-10-17 Haunted Room Service
If you happen to be surfing through Public Access channels in Fort Wayne on a given late Friday evening you may happen across a program that opens with a silent, foreboding set. Two skulls perched on pedestals flank the corners, while there’s a coffin propped on the left.
2015-07-03 Wild in Fort Wayne
The featured guests on a 2014 episode of Wild on WANE are small, furry, and hanging upside down, their feet gripping the ceiling. They’re fruit bats, and unless you’ve lived in the wilds of the Australian Outback, you’ve probably never seen one.
2015-06-05 Urban Wellness: Building On the Positives
It's a few minutes before “show time” in Access Fort Wayne’s Studio A. It’s a pre-taped show, and there’s no studio audience, but Denaryl Mojet, the host of “Urban Wellness,” seems bursting with energy…
2015-04-21 Everyday people
The formats for most talk shows tend to be familiar —  the host is in a studio, in front of a live audience, and is interviewing a celebrity of some sort…
2015-02-19 A buzz in the air
You've probably read or heard of them in the news a lot over the last few years — unmanned craft flying through the air by way of remote control. Every now and again you'll hear about one crashing
2014-12-04 Cracking the airwaves
It's taken a few years, but the dream of LPFM — Low Power FM radio — in Fort Wayne just got a little closer to reality. With the issuance of a construction permit, the Allen County Public Library has established WELT on the FM dial.
2014-09-23 Riding the wild wind
If you've ever talked to someone who's passionate about their job, you know it. Details and experiences come out in a whirlwind of exuberance and excitement. Jesse Hawila is such a person. Talking to Hawila it’s obvious that he loves what he does and is living his dream.
2014-08-16 Flying Fun In The Fort
If you've been through Schoaff or Swinney park on any given day, you may see a lot of people out on an unusual course trying to land frisbees in chain baskets…
2014-05-20 The Atomic Sharks
When you hear someone playing a ukelele, more often than not they're able to take you away to someplace completely different.
2014-04-03 Stories In Motion
Thinking of PBS, a lot of programs come to mind; Sesame Street, Brit-coms and a host of dramas not regularly seen on a typical network channel. But probably the programs that most come to mind are the documentaries.
2014-02-24 A Heart For Horses:
Next to the dog, the horse has always been man’s best friend. From transportation to work to racing, the horse has always been a part of human society. But what happens when an injured or an old horse that has seen its days?
2014-01-14 Preying on your fears
Halloween has long since come and gone, but for the guys at Opensign Productions, a Fort Wayne-based film company, Halloween goes all year round…
2013-12-08 The Return of the Clyde Theater
The old Quimby Theater, originally known as the Clyde, isn't what it used to be. Years of abandonment and neglect have taken its toll on this once proud jewel of the Southwest side of Fort Wayne.
2013-11-19 Taking the Fort by storm
It's a late Thursday afternoon at Halls Deck as Meteorologist Andrew “Big Dawg” Logsdon finishes the first of three challenges: A dining contest that pitted him against three of Halls employees in a showdown to see who could put down the biggest plates in the shortest amount of time.
2013-10-07 Feeling The Music
When you see Fernando Tarango performing on stage with the Wickersham Brothers, it's easy to get wrapped up in the energy he puts into the act.
2013-08-01 The Baker Street-Fairfield Corridor
Listening to Jerry and Linda Vandeveer conjures visions of the kind of ideal neighbors you’d want living down the street from you…
2013-06-20 Phantom of the Woods
Michael Storch likes the smell of fear and the sound of things that go bump in the night. And fear, suspense, and the darker sides of the human condition are served up in generous portions in his movie Phantom of the Woods, which premiers at Cinema Center on Sunday, June 30.
2013-06-20 Lost Legend
People who know the history of the Pittsburgh Steelers are familiar with the team’s storied and unstoppable appearances in four Super Bowls during the 1970's. The names ring out from the record books and film archives — Franco Harris, Lynn Swan, Mean Joe Green, Terry Bradshaw…
2013-03-15 Trouble on the horizon
Somewhere amongst the various fees and charges on your cable bill you’ll find a relatively small line item — about $5 — that, in the grand scheme of things, probably gets overlooked.
2013-01-31 Silent series
Nearly a century after their release, films from the dawn of the motion picture era can still captivate and fascinate audiences.
2012-12-20 The Art Farm
Driving just a few miles North of Fort Wayne towards Spencerville easily becomes entering another world. Amish farms dot the countryside and horses out in pasture graze along Cuba Road going towards County Line Road North.
2012-10-04 Riding For Wellness
“Keep your heel down and your toes up! That's it, maybe sit back a little bit. That's it, that's it, you're doin' really good now!” Allison Wheatons' voice echoes in the arena, calling out instructions and encouragement to two little girls each riding on their own horse.
2011-06-20 Radio revival?
Even in the age of the internet, when practically anyone can have a blog, or a podcast, or some sort of web-based broadcasting set-up, there’s still a mystique attached to good old-fashioned radio.
2010-07-04 A Night of Murder
The body sits slumped in a chair at the center of the stage in the spotlight, wearing sunglasses and impaled by, of all things, an airplane propeller.
2010-03-22 Collision: The Movie
Collision is a recent independent film documenting the unusual collaboration between Christopher Hitchens — a renowned atheist and “contrarian” — and evangelical theologian Douglas Wilson, traveling together and debating the merits or demerits of Christianity…
2010-03-08 Arrivederci, Old Friend
The building stands vacant now at the corner of Fairfield and Kinsmoore. A once vibrant and bustling restaurant now a shell of memories given over to the ravages of time and awaiting an uncertain future.
2010-02-04 Through the glass wall
Imagine yourself in a bubble as the world passes by, seeing a world that you are both a part of and separate from. You want to reach out and touch that world but every time you try your hand meets the cold, clear glass that marks your isolation. This is the world of Travis Breeding but he's found a way to get through that cold, clear glass.
2009-06-18 The Uncle Ducky Show
In the Studio Control Room at Access Fort Wayne, a clip of a steam engine locomotive pulling a train plays on the monitor. It is one of a few that are being considered for a skit segment called the “Mail Train” for the Uncle Ducky Show. The idea is to announce an on-air “mail-call” by way of the video (which will be framed by the farmhouse set window) and it is just one of many ideas utilized to make the show unique.
2009-06-04 Telling stories
From its inception, the motion picture medium has always had a special way of affecting audiences. One of the more vivid examples is an early, silent film of a locomotive that appeared to be speeding straight at the camera, sending the first audiences instinctively scrambling to get out of the way.
2009-05-18 Sakura In The Fort
With the blooming of cherry blossoms (Japanese Sakura) in April comes the Cherry Blossom Festival. Sponsored by the Japanese/American Association of Indiana and the Cherry Blossom Committee here in Fort Wayne, the Cherry Blossom Festival is a celebration of Japanese culture in America.
2009-03-23 The Fairness Doctrine
With the 2008 Presidential election over and Barack Obama sworn in as the 44th President of the U.S., the Democrat party has once again regained control of both the Executive and Legislative branches of the government, and the Republican party finds itself with a diminished influence in government for the first time in over a decade.
2008-12-09 The Flaming Harp Of Rock N’ Roll
Attendees of last summer’s Three Rivers Festival caught a lot of memorable music performances from local music acts, but there was one act that, even among the quality line-up, probably stood out more than others — a guy belting out classic rock songs, accompanying himself on a harp.
2008-07-21 …the plaza will rock
While the festivals ease on by this summer, over at the Allen County Public Library the show goes on. every Saturday night through August 30th the plaza in front of downtown’s main library branch rocks with the second annual “Rock the Plaza” concert series.
2008-06-23 Inside the Mind of Dr. Fawver
Dr. Jay Fawver’s call-in television program Matters of the Mind hasn't been on the air for more than five minutes and already the lights on the phone banks are flashing bright green. Some lines lit up minutes before the show even started. There's a call about someone suffering from fibromyalga. Another caller asks about a combination of drugs to treat bipolar disorder that isn’t working effectively. It's another Monday evening and Dr. Fawver is in.
2008-04-21 An altogether different pet
For some, the hairless tail is what triggers the squirm factor. For some, it's the beady eyes or the scuttling in the shadows. For others, it's the reputation as disease-carrying vermin. We're talking about rats. Their depiction in movies and on television (the murderous hordes of Willard and the sequel Ben come to mind) hasn't helped. But some people think rats are getting a bad rap.
2008-03-24 Somnabulist Dreaming
When film-maker and musician Sean Townsend began production on his short film Dream With A Window in September, 2004, he says he wasn’t even thinking of showing it to anybody. “I was just trying to see what I could accomplish with the resources I had available,” he says. “I have to say that I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. For a no budget, underground release I think it looks pretty decent.”
2008-01-21 Resolution 2008: get fit
With the New Year upon us, as you look down at that slight bulge that obscures your line of sight to your feet, maybe you’re looking at that exercise bike in the garage buried under a pile of boxes and remembering that commitment you made to yourself: a commitment not just to get slimmer but to feel healthier and to be more active.
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