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2007-06-05 Summer Exhibition Preview
Summertime often means low attendance figures for local art galleries. Educational programs such as workshops, classes, and camps often take priority over exhibitions during our yearly stint of swelter. The next three months, however, offer a trio of downtown shows that might help to prevent the annual summertime attendance swoon. And I hear there’s air conditioning, as well.
2007-05-21 In the Studio with Andrew Lemmon
I am uncertain if there is a definitive, conventional path one can take to become a working artist. One thing of which I am certain, though, is that sculptor Andrew Lemmon has followed a definitively unusual route to the fine arts.
2007-05-08 Views from Inside a War
He looks like a kid – the definition of "fresh faced" youth. There is a grin on his face and a swagger in his step. He's not cocky, but he's got confidence to spare. In another place or at another time, James Farley would be somewhere else, doing something much different. But this is not another time or place. This is 1965 and Farley, with his grin, is carrying a pair of M-60 machine guns across Da Nang airbase to the helicopter of which he is the crew chief.
2007-04-24 A Shared Life on Display: Pamela de Marris at Artlink
The idea of an artist’s spouse playing the role of the muse is well founded in art history. René Magritte had Georgette. Harry Callahan had Eleanor. And, for the past three decades, photographer Pamela de Marris has had James Meadows.
2007-04-10 Tips for travel photography from the pros
We have all been there before. You're having a perfectly good time with friends or family, and then someone decides to pull out the photo album of their latest vacation. The album looks like it weighs 20 pounds and makes you wonder if the proud photographer did nothing else but shoot photos while traveling. They open the album and begin to show you picture after picture, the last just as indistinguishable as the ones before. You ask yourself, "How can you take 75 pictures of the ocean and they all look exactly the same?"
2007-03-20 In the Studio with Neil Wiffill
Neil Wiffill has been making scagliola at 625 Cherry Street for the past six months. Don’t worry – it’s not contagious and it is quite legal.
2007-03-07 Group Exhibition Presents Moving Works of Art
Movement is defined, primarily, as “the act, process, or result of moving.” A secondary definition states it as an “abundance of events or incidents.” A new exhibition downtown offers viewers a gallery full of visual “results” and “events” based on this most kinetic of themes.
2007-02-21 In the Studio with Gregor Roth
Gregor Roth, a freelance graphic designer and design professor at Taylor University, dubs his abstract painting style “Linea Waveform.”
2007-02-06 The Winter Blues Turn Fort Wayne White
We’ve been waiting for it. Like the dentist appointment scheduled six months out, we’ve been gradually preparing for the pain of winter.
2007-01-23 Kachmann Gallery Offers Viewers a Dream World
Kelly Metzger is determined to bring something fresh to Fort Wayne this year. As the director of the Kachmann Gallery (1301 Lafayette St.), Metzger has taken her first step towards her goal with Modern Dreams, a group exhibition featuring Amy Falstrom, Susan Hodgin, and David Skalicky, three emerging Indiana artists. "Dreams," which is on view through February 24, 2007, is an assemblage of paintings, prints, drawings, and photographs that address the desires, hopes, and frustrations of waking and sleeping life in the twenty-first century.
2007-01-10 Main Library Gallery Opens with a Renewal
When the Allen County Public Library opens the doors to its beautifully renovated main building at noon on January 27, area artists and art lovers will receive a belated Christmas present. And it is one hell of a gift.
2006-12-20 Six area artists look back on 2006
For those of you who are regular readers (I’ll buy all five of you a pint at Henry’s), you by now have realized that I am passionate about talking with people. I love talking with artists and those who appreciate, celebrate, and promote the arts. I love mining their complex personalities for private and communal beliefs, doubts, and ambitions.
2006-12-05 Kristy Jo Beber and the Business of Art
Like many fine arts graduates, potter Kristy Jo Beber had a strong grasp of her craft when she finished school in 2004, but only a set of vague notions regarding what to do with her artwork once it was completed. Beber knew how to make art. It has taken two years of hard work, trial and error, and commitment to a modest living, though, to teach her how to be a working artist.
2006-11-21 Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Each time an artwork by a young, local artist excites me, the same two conflicting thoughts pop into my head: “I'm glad they're in Fort Wayne, but I hope they leave soon.”
2006-11-08 FWMoA Heats Up with ¡Arte Caliente!
This winter, visitors to the Fort Wayne Museum of Art will have the good fortune to meet dozens of Joe Diaz's best friends. And they've got quite a lot on their minds. ¡Arte Caliente!: Selections from the Joe A. Diaz Collection – an exhibition featuring over 70 works by contemporary Chicano artists – opens Saturday, November 18.
2006-10-23 New Books for the Art Lover – Fall 2006
We've reached that time of year when the act of curling up under a blanket with a good book is as practical as it is preferable. Fortunately, there is a bevy of outstanding and varied art books arriving in stores this fall to keep you company during the cold days ahead. I'd like to offer this ensuing selection of books to all of you art lovers who are getting reacquainted with your favorite reading chair this autumn.
2006-10-09 Monsters, Aliens, Robots, and Teenagers…
An alien crash-landing in ancient times. Teens with strange marks and even stranger abilities. A museum filled with monsters. These events are the catalysts for three graphic novels from Make Like A Tree Comics (MLAT), the brainchild of freelance illustrators Jerzy Drozd and Sara Turner. Since its inception in early 2005, MLAT has published Drozd and Turner’s individual and collaborative works in serial form on-line at www.mlatcomics.com.
2006-09-18 Arts United Center
In 1959, world-renowned architect Louis I. Kahn was commissioned to create a downtown cultural complex for Fort Wayne.
2006-09-04 Rivergreenway Public Art Projects
A few months ago, I told a friend that I might write a story about Fort Wayne’s public art that would serve as a kind of a tour for readers. He responded: “What public art? The mastodons aren’t around anymore.” While my friend’s reaction was dramatically overstated, it might not be far removed from the perspective of many in town.
2006-08-21 In the Studio: Kay Gregg
Within five minutes of my arrival at her Indiana Avenue studio, screen printer Kay Gregg had read me an audacious quotation (by legendary music producer Steve Albini, writing about artist Jay Ryan), introduced me to her aesthetic mantra (“no fetishization of guns, boobs, cars, and guitars”), and offered me a can of beer (Miller High Life). Talk about starting things off on the right foot.
2006-08-07 Tattoo Art
An engraver. A sculptor. An illustrator and graphic designer. A primal painter. A successful tattooist must be all of these rolled into one: an artist and a craftsman who works in the medium of ink upon the permanent canvas of the skin.
2006-07-24 Artlink Members' Show
For nearly three decades, Artlink has been one of Fort Wayne's greatest success stories in the arts. Artlink has served the community as a not-for-profit organization since 1978, and has resided in its current home in the Hall Community Arts Center since 1991.
2006-07-10 Outdoor art activites
An Official News Bulletin for parents: It's summer. It's hot. And it's time to tell the kids to stop watching TV and get outside. Why not give them—and yourself—a good reason to spend more time outside this summer? Why not art?
2006-06-20 Midwest Modern Art Roadtrips
So here you are—a modern art passionista in Northeast Indiana. It's almost summer and you've a growing thirst for visual work that is new, confrontational, incisive, and alive. You also know that the handful of Fort Wayne exhibitions and art fairs over the next two months may leave you dehydrated without proper supplementation. Allow me—an unlicensed arts nutritionist—to prescribe these refreshing, Midwest modern art roadtrips.
2006-06-05 2006 Biennial: Contemporary American Realism
Realism was a dirty word in the art world during the twentieth century. Faithful representation of the “without” gave way to the dynamic possibilities of expression of the “within.” Is the art world ready once again to embrace clear representationalism?
2006-06-05 1st Annual Artists Against MS Art Sale
This June, dozens of Fort Wayne artists will use their creations to aid in the battle against Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an incurable disease that affects thousands of Hoosiers.
2006-05-18 Mee Kyung Shim
It must have been after 8pm. And there was Mee Kyung Shim—two hours into the opening reception for her latest exhibition—swapping the placement of a pair of panels in her mixed media installation, Garden Story, while talking with a gallery guest. I approached Shim: “Still figuring it out?” “Of course,” she replied. “You know, it can always be better.” This scene tells you much of what you need to know about Shim. She is one of this city’s hardest-working professionals (artists, or otherwise), she genuinely engages in open dialogue with her audience, and she embraces the realities of transition and fluidity over the contrivance of precise definition.
2006-05-08 "Word." & Art on East Main
Three months ago, Beckie Stockert had an idea. The senior fine arts student at St. Francis wanted to bring together visual artists, spoken-word performers, and musicians to celebrate the word. Written, painted, smeared. Rapped, spat, or sung. Whatever the manner of delivery, the connection between the artists would be, simply, the word.
2006-04-24 “In the Studio” with William L. Lupkin Designs
Fifty years ago in Fort Wayne, a young boy walked into St. Andrew’s church with his family. The boy—like all young boys in church—squirmed from the discomfort of stillness, silence, and dress clothes. Then he looked up. Above him, frozen in stained glass, stood St. George and his infamous foe, the dragon. The boy was not only mesmerized by the depiction of the courageous knight and slain monster, but also by the way in which the shifting light infused the window’s scene with colors both beautiful and elusive. He vowed to sit beneath this window each Sunday.
2006-03-06 Art collective e4 “back from the dead” with a strong show at Charlie Cummings Gallery
e4 is Seth Harris, Tracy Row, Jason Stopa, and Eric Tarr. This talented quartet of Fort Wayne artists has worked under the e4 moniker since soon after they met in 2002. They have exhibited their solo and collaborative mixed media work at numerous local galleries and underground venues, including 1911 Gallery, Art Attack 2, and Avant-Garde Gallery. An exhibition of their latest work, Remember Black Shoes, opens at Charlie Cummings Gallery on March 05.
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