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2017-12-02 Chemical Elements
March On, Comrade are a hell of a band. They've been a band since 2015 when indie pop band Ordinary Van disbanded, but a few of the members decided to keep things going…
2017-04-21 Sad Man Noble Poet
Sometimes the most interesting minds are hiding in plain sight. Maybe it's some guy at work in the break room quietly reading A Confederacy Of Dunces while FOX News blasts in the background. Maybe that guy at the local Starbucks making you a peppermint mocha has a Masters in Psychology and has written nine unpublished novels but fell on hard times…
2017-03-06 “We are teamwork”
I've mulled around the music scene in Fort Wayne for a few years now. I barely stuck a toe in the waters, as it were, but from a distance I feel I've seen genuine greatness come from the Fort. It seems to be this microcosm of musical minds not willing to let anyone write their narrative but themselves.
2017-03-02 Taking it all too hard
I can remember for a good portion of my childhood (at least that portion that didn't include a cassette player in my bedroom or in the car) that radio was my friendly companion.
2016-10-09 Middle Waves: A Strange Dream or Alternate Reality?
Last night I dreamt I saw the Flaming Lips at Headwaters Park in Fort Wayne, IN. What a bizarre thing to dream, right? But man, I'm telling you it was so realistic…
2016-03-17 It's Like...The Snarks, Man
Just a little over a year ago Fort Wayne's The Snarks dropped their first E.P., the ominous sounding Night At Crystal Beach. From the title it could've been a live action Disney flick from the 70s starring Ike Eisenmann and Betty Davis, or a Judy Blume book.
2016-02-19 Don’t look back in anger: local artists talk about David Bowie
David Bowie was one of those artists that just felt eternal. He was someone that could disappear off of our collective radar for years and then reappear with an amazing record and we wouldn't blink twice.
2015-11-22 Familiar Faces, New Sounds
Rock and roll. It's something that when you fall for it, you fall hard. You know the words to your favorite songs. Hell, you know the words to your favorite albums. The lyrics speak to you. The music gets you through good and bad times. It's a life preserver for disenfranchised youth.
2015-03-05 Records Collecting Dust
Brian Jenkins started a record label as a teenager growing up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Not because he was wise beyond his years, but because he figured that's what he was supposed to do if he wanted to release his own music.
2014-02-24 It’s a long way to the top (if you wanna rock n’ roll on a Saturday afternoon)
There are many defining moments in ones life. Graduation, marriage, becoming a parent, and that first gig that goes to hell.
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