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2016-04-21 The Cash Box Kings
Is there an aural equivalent of a double-take? Like you half-hear something and then your ears sort of “jump back” to it to make sure you’re hearing it correctly? That’s probably the reaction a lot of blues fans have to The Cash Box Kings, especially if they’re fans of the blues that came out of Chicago in the 40s and 50s.
2016-04-21 Danger lurks in the garden…
Day after day, Dona Yuiza and her pets faithfully tend the garden of her Humbolt Park home, selling its fruits and vegetables to their neighbors…
2016-04-07 The Sounds of Central
45 years after Central High School closed, the legacy and legend of the institution remains strong in Fort Wayne. The “Grandfather of Fort Wayne High Schools,” Central High (1922-1971) cultivated academic excellence, celebrated athletic dominance, and thrived as an early adopter of integrated education.
2016-03-04 Typology of Typography
Bella has created his own typefaces — one in particular based on the handwriting of his grandfather — and uses the work to examine how design takes its influences and inspiration from history, art, and culture.
2016-03-04 AXIS Dance
When Axis Dance Company first started taking shape in 1987, no one quite knew what to make of the troupe. Composed of performers with and without disabilities, the Oakland California-based company specialized in what they call "physically integrated dance,"
2016-02-19 Kicked to the curb
In a small town in Lancashire, England, the factories have packed up and gone, and with them went the jobs — and futures — of the town’s people. Stores are closing, the area is falling apart, and what used to be a robust working class community is quickly succumbing to poverty, alcohol, drugs, and promiscuity.
2016-02-19 The 2016 Northeast Indiana Playwright Festival
The Northeast Indiana Playwright Festival always yields some interesting productions, but the 2016 edition of the annual event — which happens Saturday, March 19 — boasts an especially eclectic selection of styles. The winners include a pure comedy, a modern “morality” play, and an historical drama based on a real-life story.
2016-01-22 “Magnificent Maps” opens at Artlink
Featured in Artlink's main gallery, Magnificent Maps displays the results of a national, open call, all-media exhibit depicting real and fictitious maps. Artists from as far away as Oregon and Texas have submitted work to this show, as well as several northeast Indiana artist.
2015-11-10 #DTFW Architecture
Images and stories of “old” Fort Wayne — especially old downtown Fort Wayne — seem to hold a powerful fascination for a lot of people. FWR’s own “Old School Picture of the Week” regular feature is probably one of the more consistently commented on items we run…
2015-08-23 Taste of the Arts 2015
Now in its 7th year, Taste of the Arts has rapidly become one of Fort Wayne’s most popular festivals with its unique blend of music, dance, theatre, film and artists, demonstrating a huge variety of styles and talent from Fort Wayne…
2015-08-09 Explore historic Harrison Hill neighborhood
Fort Wayne’s Harrison Hill neighborhood will be the spot for ARCH’s second Home and Garden Tour of 2015 on Saturday, August
2015-07-16 2015 Fort Wayne Fringe
Fort Wayne Fringe is a week long performance festival that offers a snapshot of local, regional, and national talent, crossing all types of artistic boundaries.
2015-06-07 Explore historic Southwood Park on ARCH’s Home and Garden Tour
ARCH, Fort Wayne’s organization for historic preservation, announces its annual Home and Garden Tour…
2015-06-05 Sweetwater’s GearFest 2015
The lure of being an “insider” is impossible to resist for most people — privileged information, special deals, the chance to see, hear, and experience something new just a little bit before everyone else…
2015-05-18 Showtime
For a handful of local and regional playwrights, the weekend of Mat 29-30 represents a milestone on a long and (sometimes) pretty solitary literary journey.
2015-04-07 The Canterbury School Spring Book Fair
At Canterbury School’s Spring Book Fair, students and visitors can interact with a range of guests from award-winning authors and artists to ballerinas as they talk about books, writing, and art in an informal setting.
2015-01-15 The Return of the Son of Fort Wayne Downtown Redevelopment, Episode VIII(ish): The Landing
On January 14, Mayor Tom Henry joined community leaders to provide a progress report on efforts to redevelop The Landing along West Columbia Street in downtown Fort Wayne.
2014-12-18 The whole hog
Beefeaters — those iconic guardsmen in their eye-catching red uniforms — are probably the first images that come to mind when you think of Plymouth Congregational Church’s annual Boar’s Head Festival, one of the most popular holiday events in Fort Wayne.
2014-11-07 The Imaginary Invalid
For the school’s 50th anniversary, IPFW’s Department of Theater has been taking a trip through the past this season, revisiting plays that the department has produced in decades past.
2014-06-09 Orchard Gallery features work by artists Sue Davis and Steve Vachon
New show at the Orchard Gallery.
2014-04-22 Way beyond happily ever after
Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s musical Into the Woods weaves several familiar stories from Grimm’s fairy tales together, unified by an original score and framed by an original story…
2014-01-23 The business of art
The Arts Incubator at Artlink is developing a new creative class in Northeast Indiana. It gives creative entrepreneurs the skills, networking opportunities and action planning to start and maintain self-sustaining small businesses.
2014-01-23 Carnival (and more) at Artlink
Carnival Exhibition, an open call show featuring over 50 Midwest artists, opens at Artlink on Friday, January 24. Over 50 local, regional and national artists are participating by entering works inspired by the “carnival” theme.
2013-12-08 The Nutcracker 2013
“People look at The Nutcracker as part of the holiday season,” says Karen Gibbons-Brown, Artistic Director of the Fort Wayne Ballet. “It’s a tradition, and it’s a big production. You’ve got the visual of the costumes and the music with a live orchestra. I like to think that if people don’t like dance — or think they don’t like dance — they’ve at least enjoyed the theater experience.”
2013-10-07 Three shows at Artlink
The Great Outdoors, Robin Dluzen, and David Buenrostro at Artlink.
2013-09-22 Celebrate KASSA — Season of Harvest
Kassa, a Season of Harvest, is a Capital Campaign Fundraiser for TRIAAC, the Three Rivers Institute of Afrikan Arts & Culture, taking place at the Botanical Garden.
2013-08-15 2013 Taste of the Arts
Now in its 5th year, Taste of the Arts has quickly become one of Fort Wayne’s most popular festivals with its unique blend of music, dance, theatre, film and artists, demonstrating a vast variety of styles and talent from Fort Wayne, along with dozens of local restaurants serving a wide assortment of food choices.
2013-06-06 ARCH’s Historic Home and Garden Tour visits West Main Street
Here’s a bit of Fort Wayne trivia you might not know — the neighborhood around West Main Street, between where the bridge crosses the St Mary’s river and Leesburg road, earned the name “Nebraska” because it was considered so far away from downtown.
2013-05-16 Northeast Indiana Playwright Festival line-up
The one-woman play Lombard and first place winner The Wedding Gift highlight the weekend.
2013-04-18 Canterbury School to hold annual Spring Book Fair and Bistro Lunch
At Canterbury School’s Spring Book Fair, visitors will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with award-winning authors as they talk about their books and the craft of writing in an informal setting.
2013-04-04 IPFW presents Orlando
Sarah Ruhl’s inspired adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando is a poetic and vivid hymn of praise to the art and importance of discovering oneself.
2013-02-14 Music round-up
A sampling of just a few music events happening around town in the next several weeks…
2013-01-21 Artists at Fort Wayne Fringe
Artists performing at Fort Wayne Fringe.
2012-11-15 Black Friday… and beyond
When Black Friday comes, big stores and national chains will clamor for your dollar by offering enormous discounts and one-time-only deals, and we’ll respond in droves…
2012-10-18 "Just A Bunch of Potters" 13th annual showcase
Back in 2000, a dozen or so area artists — all working in the medium of clay — got together and decided to throw a holiday show…
2012-08-20 Taste of the Arts 2012
Arts United offers an exciting line-up for their fourth annual Taste of the Arts festival on Saturday, August 25, a major downtown event featuring theatre, dance, many styles of music, street performers and high-quality visual arts.
2012-08-02 Idle Hands into Able Bodies
Tomatoes. Okra. Bell peppers. Jalapenos. Onions. Those are just a few of the things sprouting in a new urban garden on South Calhoun Street. But in addition to vegetables and flowers, hope and opportunity are growing, too.
2012-07-19 Music round up
A round up of a few things music-related in the next couple weeks…
2012-04-05 Spring Book Fair hosts award-winning authors
A chance to talk with award-winning authors tops the list this year of engaging additions to Canterbury School’s Spring Book Fair. Open to the public, the book fair runs Tuesday through Thursday, April 17-19.
2012-01-05 Hey Bartender!
Darren "Dag" Hunt, known most recently for his work as the front man of area standouts The Rewinders, has a new crew. And that new crew, formed only a few months ago, already have a new record, Bulleit Train, set for release at a January 14 Brass Rail show that will also feature Lee Miles and Deuce.
2011-12-19 Local artists pick their faves of the year… part 2
Yes, yes, yes, small fries. We're back with the most important feature of any Fort Wayne-based publication to run all year: The Best Albums, Songs and Concerts of 2011, as selected by a corn-sweet crop of the Summit City's favorite local artists and arts-focused business types.
2011-12-01 Local artists pick their faves of the year… Part 1
Hey little babies. Check it out, our annual year-end bash, featuring some of your favorite local artists and arts-focused business types. For this issue of the Fort Wayne Reader we focus on books, films and television. Part 2 of the feature will run next week and be focused on the best albums, songs and concerts of 2011. Get busy ...
2011-09-01 West Central ArtsFest showcases “West Centralities” and more
Located along Wayne and Union streets between Jackson and Rockhill, the West Central ArtsFest presents 8 performing artists (including the Fort Wayne Ballet) and around 40 artist booths, plus food and drink from some of the area’s leading vendors.
2011-08-21 Taste of the Arts 2011
You might think that, with the “Big Move” to their new digs looming over several of their member groups, Arts United might have other things to worry about than their Taste of the Arts Festival. But the 2011 edition of Taste of the Arts, held in downtown Fort Wayne on Saturday, August 27 promises to be its biggest yet.
2010-08-23 Arts United's Taste of the Arts Festival
Arts United of Greater Fort Wayne presents the second annual Taste of the Arts Festival in downtown Fort Wayne on August 28th from Noon. to 7 p.m., followed by “Dessert,” a showcase of local bands.
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