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2005-10-31 Food, politics, and terroists: Happy Halloween
Trick or treat! Start with the treats and go to www.maverickeats.blogspot.com and check out a North Carolina cooperative farm’s view on slow food and sustainable agriculture. The sentiments may be admirable but it’s the food I’m after and the blog comes through with quick and easy recipes that don’t require a fully staffed kitchen to prepare.
2005-10-17 Fall blogs: food, fashion, and other fluff
John Roberts sailed through the nomination process but what do bloggers have to say about the Harriet Miers nomination? www.huffingtonpost.com has among its tabloid style links a scathing commentary by George Will on the president’s latest choice. Perhaps conservatives will demand some intellectual effort from this administration yet.
2005-09-20 Blogging for Katrina
The aftermath of Katrina has made the term "disaster" seem almost quaint…
2005-09-05 Labor, the political spectrum, and the tribulations of a mother of seven
In honor of labor day it’s only fitting to highlight the labor blogs. www.nathannewman.org/laborblog and www.spewingforth.blogspot.com are two zealously pro-union blogs. Their dislike for President Bush alone should earn them a spot on the blogroll over at www.dailykos.com
2005-08-22 Back to school in the Blogosphere
Back to school also means shopping and the blogs have got you covered…
2005-08-08 Better education through blogs
The middle of August signals that a new school year is about to begin in the Mid west. Blogs are also a great place to get an education.
2005-07-25 Hockey, politics, and conspiracy theories
If you still care about hockey, go see the Komets. www.puckupdate.com will take care of the long-suffering NHL fans. www.hockeypundits.com has opinions on who should stay and who should go in the re-organized NHL.
2005-07-11 Short and Sweet Beach Reading
www.fodors.com/wire can guide you where to go and what to bring on your travels. This blog is a laundry list of vacation destinations with a bit of how-to and advertisements thrown in. The Bermuda post is a prime example of its advertorial nature. However with a beach that pretty you’ll forget why you cared in the first place.
2005-06-27 4th of July edition
Rainbows aren’t usually associated with the Fourth of July but go to www.capitalweather.com and check out this weather blog. The post on June 18th is entitled “Chasing Rainbows” and one look will tell you why they were worth the chase in our nation’s capital.
2005-06-13 School’s out edition
www.cooksjournal.blogspot.com June in the Midwest means that the grill has been already fired up and is just waiting for something beyond burgers and brats. This blogger makes his living in the Midwest as a cook so we’ll call this blog an expert opinion, and he has a very creative grilled pizza recipe.
2005-05-30 Reality TV and weather resources in cyberspace
Many reality TV shows are coming down to the wire. If you’ve missed out and just have to know who’s still hanging on and who’s so last week go to www.popbytes.com for coverage of the Apprentice and others. Pink is the New Blog or at least that’s the name of the blog at www.trent.blogspot.com. This Detroit blogger has a Hollywood focus and tons of photos with pink scribbles to match.
2005-03-21 Careers, taxes and the Pope
Spring is just around the corner, my yard had little purple flowers to prove it. Still it is a time for renewal and there’s no better place to start than the blogosphere.
2005-03-07 Irish blogs, and Condi for President, 2008?
St. Paddy’s Day is just around the bend so Irish blogs were just begging to be found. An Irish blog needs an Irish name or at least a good stereotype so we’ll start with www.planetpotato.blogs.com. The site itself is full of thoughtful commentary from a twenty-something perspective on the IRA Sinn Fein saga. However if you want to know why Irish ballads get so melancholy, go to the archives of November and scroll down to the crane rescue photos. I can tell you I’d be asking for a pint.
2005-02-21 President's Day and more
President’s Day weekend put the Blog Hunter in the mind of checking out history blogs. No, I don’t have a Jerry Springer sort of tale about Abraham Lincoln blogging from the great beyond. My first stop was www.hnn.com the history news network where one blog stood out from the rest: Thomas Reeves from the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute. He’s like George Will without the Oxford unabridged vocabulary.
2005-02-07 Valentine’s Day in the Blogosphere
Valentine’s Day is upon us. Will it be the same wilted flowers and chocolate this year? Do better! The blogosphere can help you plan the Valentine’s Day of your dreams.
2005-01-24 Blog Hunter: Pundits, haggis, Mark Cuban, and a cartoon rabbit
Last column’s riddle about Chinese New Year and Robbie Burns Day jumped the gun by about two weeks or so. Or did it? The Blog Hunter is always thinking ahead, because this puzzle involves a trip.
2005-01-10 Blog Hunter: Health and Resolutions
It’s over a week since New Year’s Day. Do you know where your resolutions are? For those of us faltering in our new found ambitions for weight loss, early rising, and other resolute behavior the blogosphere has come to the rescue again. Get to the point with www.putdownthedonut.com and follow their team of bloggers on the quest for healthful eating. Another interesting site is www.balance.divaflava.com. You can follow the diva herself on her journey to slim and trim. There’s even a celebrity to share your pain. Kirstie Alley’s weight loss blog debuts January 10, 2005 on the Jenny Craig website at www.jennycraig.com.
2004-12-06 Blog Hunter
‘Tis the season to be blogging…. Christmas cards are great, for those who have the time and inclination to scrawl their news and best wishes to those on their list. For the digitally connected a weblog can take holiday greetings and really make them pop.
2004-11-22 Blog Nation
The business and political worlds know the power of networks, and right now they are taking note of blogs. Short for weblogs, blogs are personal web sites updated frequently with opinions, links, comments, or whatever else strikes the bloggers fancy. They’re a conglomeration of urban e-sleuths, pundits, chroniclers, and plain-old venom spewers. Even people with the most casual relationship with the internet know that blogs have been around for a while now, but recently, this niche has exploded.
2004-09-13 Danger! High voltage!
During the summer of 2003 the northeast corridor was hit with a blackout of enormous proportions. At 3pm elevators, subways, traffic lights, and your favorite daytime soap all shut down as the lights went out throughout the northeastern United States and Canada. Those of us who still had electricity watched thousands of New Yorkers stream out of offices into the streets of Manhattan.
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