Fort Wayne Reader Archives
Issue No. Cover Story
Issue # 297 Scoring The Silence
Metavari and Metropolis launch 'Sound & Shadow' Series premiere At Cinema Center
Issue # 296 Art Moves
Iconic art works come to life in FWDCs annual fundraiser
Issue # 295 Taste of the Arts 2016
Two day celebration of Arts and Culture August 26 and 27
Issue # 294 The Alien Enemies Act of 1917
A disturbing chapter in the history of Allen County nearly wiped out the citys rich German heritage
Issue # 293 Going my way?
Adventures of a ride-share driver
Issue # 292 The New Normal
Vandolah's Mark Hutchins Talks New Music, New Perspectives
Issue # 291 Making Waves
With Middle Waves, Fort Wayne gets its own massive music festival
Issue # 290 GearFest 16
Sweetwaters mega free annual music expo
Issue # 289 Import/Export
Collaboration between Wunderkammer and Jennifer Ford Art yields a unique show
Issue # 288 A Tale of Two Rallies
FWR looks back at May 2016, when the political world cared about Indiana
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