Fort Wayne Reader Archives
Issue No. Cover Story
Issue # 288 A Tale of Two Rallies
FWR looks back at May 2016, when the political world cared about Indiana
Issue # 287 The Cash Box Kings
Torchbearers for classic Chicago Blues headline the League’s Annual Blues Bash
Issue # 286 The Sounds of Central
2nd Annual Central High School celebration spotlights music and musicians
Issue # 285 Dan Wire Vs. the Giant Green Blob That Devoured Lake Erie
Or: How the Maumee River Basin contributes to Lake Erie’s blue-green algae problem, and what we’re doing about it
Issue # 284 AXIS Dance
FWDC brings innovative, award-winning dance company to Fort Wayne
Issue # 283 The 2016 Northeast Indiana Playwright Festival
2016 edition offers a diverse, eclectic playbill
Issue # 282 It’s Alive!
Fort Wayne Civic unleashes Young Frankenstein (the musical)
Issue # 281 Hell night in Fort Wayne
FWR’s intrepid critic-at-large journeys through the Fort Wayne spots he finds really scary
Issue # 279 Sounds of the Season
A cure for the Christmas music doldrums! Rob Martinez and “The Nights Before Christmas” offer up lost gems, rare classics, and the downright strange
Issue # 278 Industrial evolution
A new life for the GE campus?
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