Fort Wayne Reader Archives
Issue No. Cover Story
Issue # 306 Giving Chekov the bird
IPFW’s comedy Stupid ------ Bird sinks its talons into The Seagull
Issue # 305 Stories told by you and me
An evening with the Trap Door
Issue # 304 Behind the Beards
The men we decided to makes statues of
Issue # 303 Fort Wayne, American Monologue
Artist Brett Amory’s work examines the American Dream
Issue # 302 Confessions of a Santa
A “Santa Rep” for over three decades gives us a glimpse “behind the beard”
Issue # 301 Nervous LGBT Nation
LGBT rights advocates in Indiana have fought Governor Pence for years. Now, he’s in the White House…
Issue # 300 Holiday Spirits
The Fort Wayne Civic presents A Christmas Carol — the Musical
Issue # 299 Oscar the Grouch
The strange, true story of The Beast of ‘Busco
Issue # 298 Morrison Agen: On the Record
The Democratic at-large candidate for County Council is on a mission
Issue # 297 Scoring The Silence
Metavari and Metropolis launch 'Sound & Shadow' Series premiere At Cinema Center
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