Fort Wayne Reader Archives
Issue No. Cover Story
Issue # 331 Tired-a-Lot
Spring Break Camp 2018
Issue # 330 The Main Street Politics of Courtney Tritch
“Real solutions don’t fit in a meme”
Issue # 329 “Best of” the Old School Pics (part 2)
FWR digs deeper in the archives
Issue # 328 Fort Wayne Fantasy Festivity
The myths inside the mundane
Issue # 327 Guess who's coming to dinner
The Fort Wayne Civic Theater kicks of 2018 with La Cage aux Folles
Issue # 326 Collective State
Jon Brown’s local arts boutique has a unique mission
Issue # 325 Confessions of a Santa
A “Santa Rep” for over three decades gives us a glimpse “behind the beard”
Issue # 324 Sounds of the Season
A cure for the Christmas music doldrums! Rob Martinez and “The Nights Before Christmas” offer up lost gems, rare classics, and the downright strange
Issue # 323 Going my way?
Adventures of a ride-share driver
Issue # 322 They came from the 80s…
Dean Robinson’s documentary Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy chronicles the life and times of Indianapolis hair band contenders Nova Rex
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